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Carefree relaxation on your patio thanks to a rain and wind sensor

patio rain sensor

Having a patio cover means you can enjoy your patio all day long and all year round. When it starts to rain, all you have to do is close the roof and side panels (if your patio cover has them) and you can continue to relax. If your patio cover is equipped with a rain and wind sensor, you don’t even have to get up from your seat at all! Read about it here.

An extra living space

There are several ways to turn your patio into an extra living space, and automatic controls are one of them. By equipping your Renson patio cover with Somfy® automation rain and wind sensors, you’ll never have to worry about the weather again. Thanks to Tahoma®, you can simply control the louvres, the screen roof or the sun protection screen in the side panels using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your garden furniture will always stay dry, even if you’re not at home when it starts to pour. Other elements to give your patio an extra hint of luxury include:

  • Built-in heating elements, which enable you to enjoy your patio even on cold winter evenings.
  • LED lighting, built into the vertical columns, the roof or even the louvres.
  • An integrated audio system. Go ahead and start planning the next party!

Summer storm? No problem!

Sultry summer days are often followed by storms. No need to flee indoors, however! If your patio has a rain sensor, it closes itself off (the screen roof or the louvres) as soon as the first drops fall from the sky.

A stormproof patio cover

Strong winds, too, will trigger the louvres to close automatically if your patio cover is equipped with a wind sensor. When the louvres are closed, Renson patio covers are made to withstand gusts of up to 120 or 160 km/h (depending on the model you choose), so there’s no need to ever worry about storms ruining your patio cover.

Can’t wait to enjoy the benefits of a patio cover equipped with a wind and rain sensor?

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