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Can a screen roof ever be truly stylish? Why, yes! Discover Lapure

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Have you been delaying installing a patio cover because you’re not quite sure whether a screen roof would add value to your home? That’s understandable. But let us reassure you: screen roofs can be a perfect combination of comfort and style. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn all about Lapure

Enjoy your garden all year round ... 

Whenever the sun gets too bright or a rain shower is imminent, all you need to do is press the remote control for the Lapure screen roof – a windproof, sun and water resistant Fixscreen – to roll down. Combined with elegant (and optional) side panels, Lapure not only shelters you from wind and rain but also makes your patio as private as can be. You can even have the side panels integrated into a sliding mechanism called the Loggiascreen Canvas, so that you can easily access your patio from the side, even when the panels are down.  

Did you know you can link up to three different Lapure screen roofs to each other to create one extra-large screen roof?   

Lapure: not your typical screen roof 

Why settle for just any screen roof when you can have one that is incredibly practical and stylish to boot? Once installed, Lapure looks like it’s always been there. The frame follows the contours of your home while the colour matches that of your windows and doors perfectly. Lapure’s aluminium structure comes in all RAL colours and the Fixscreen is available in different shades as well. In short, Lapure offers everything you need to match your patio cover to the rest of your home. And when the canvas is rolled up, you get to enjoy your beautiful garden to the fullest as there is no disturbing cross bar obstructing your panoramic view.  

In love with country style homes? Then you’ll love the new Lapure Classic Line. A classic rendition of the already stylish Lapure, Lapure Classic Line features columns with a spherical or diamond-shaped look. 

The ultimate place for cocooning 

Well-chosen accessories make your Lapure screen roof the ultimate place for cocooning. If you, for example, prefer to spend your evening relaxing under your screen roof with a wonderful view of the garden, having cosy LED lighting invisibly integrated into an additional cross bar is definitely something worth considering.  

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