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About to buy a patio cover? 3 things to bear in mind

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If you want to enjoy your garden all year round, installing a patio cover is a smart move. But how do you know which patio cover is the best choice for you? And who to buy it from? There are three things to bear in mind. 

Make sure you buy top quality

First and foremost, make sure you pick a patio cover made of a durable material that is easy to maintain – it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Are you, for example, in love with wooden patio covers? Then why not opt for a maintenance-friendly alternative like the Camargue Wooddesign? It looks exactly like wood but is in fact made of aluminium. The Camargue Wooddesign requires no maintenance and will continue to look gorgeous through the years.

Choose from an extensive range

The more extensive the range you get to choose from, the more likely you’ll find a patio cover that suits your garden and home perfectly. Renson offers various models with plenty of accessories, allowing you to customise your patio cover down to the smallest detail. Have your pick from our elaborate colour palette varying from off-white to warm grey, and be sure to ask about our Fixscreen vertical side panels. Made of glass fibre cloth, you can easily have them printed with a personal photograph. Let your imagination run free! 

Buy a patio cover that comes with a warranty

Finally, don’t forget to take service into account. For example, how many years of warranty will you get? The longer the warranty, the more confident the dealer is about the quality of the patio cover you’re about to buy. That’s why Renson offers no less than five years of warranty on all defects that may occur under normal use conditions. In some cases, you even get fifteen years of warranty on colour fastness and lacquer gloss. Read more about the extended lacquer warranty!


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