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7 wonderful ideas for decorating your terrace this winter

decorate winter terrace

Winter is coming! Now is the time to pull out all the stops and make your home extra cosy – your terrace included. Looking for tips and inspiration? You can’t go wrong with the following ideas!

1. Hardy plants

Chances are you already have some plants on your terrace, but unless they’re hardy they won’t survive the winter. Take them inside and swap them for hardy plants to really make your winter terrace to life. Think winter heather, boxwood, delphinium, …

2. Fluffy cushions and blankets

Some fluffy cushions, a sheep skin and a couple of warm blankets are must-haves if you want to add a soft touch to your winter terrace. Don’t forget to store them away in a dry place when you’re done using them – unless you have a patio cover, of course.

3. Decorative lighting for your winter terrace

Nothing beats decorative lighting when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere on your terrace in the evenings. Hang up some lanterns, place scented candles on the table or have dimmable LED lighting incorporated in the roof of your patio cover.

4. Go crazy with the Christmas decorations

Don’t hesitate to use your Christmas decorations outside the living room. How about an outdoor Christmas tree, for example? Imagine how glorious it will look when it starts to snow! If you have a patio cover, you can even hold a Christmas or New Year's reception in the garden.

5. Gather ‘round the fire pit

An outdoor stove or fire pit is one of those investments you’ll never regret having made. Surprise your children this winter by letting them roast some marshmallows in the garden. I’ll make for wonderful memories, guaranteed.

6. One-of-a-kind wall decorations

Wall decorations are not just for indoors. This year, why not brighten up your home’s façade with a cheerful wooden moose head or a homemade silver sprayed Christmas wreath?

7. DIY with pine cones

Instantly evoking a winter atmosphere, pine cones are ideal for your decorative DIY projects. Spray them with gold paint and fill a glass vase with them or string them together to make your very own Christmas garland.

Dreaming of your very own covered winter terrace?

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