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6 tips for creating the garden design of your dreams

Garden design

Do you feel your garden isn’t much to look at? Do you want to enjoy your little piece of nature to the fullest? That means it’s high time for a makeover! Discover our tips for a successful garden design and you’ll be spending your time relaxing in your beautiful garden before you know it. 

1. Keep your eyes peeled

Surely there’s lots of inspiration for your new garden to be found online or in magazines, but nothing beats getting a hold of some real-life examples. Take a stroll around that friend’s garden you’ve always admired, and don’t hesitate to participate in open garden days in your area. And why not visit a botanical garden or take a walk in the local park? Be sure to bring your notebook to jot down which types of plants you really like. And, above all, don’t forget to snap as many pictures as you can.

2. Create a floorplan to scale

A bit of measuring and some simple calculations are all you need to draw a floorplan of your garden to scale. Tip: Google Maps allows you to easily measure distances by right-clicking.

3. Get your thoughts together

Can’t wait to skim garden centres and buy all the plants and trinkets that take your fancy? Slow down. First things first! Collect your thoughts to come up with a well-defined plan. What’s your budget? What do you believe is the most important thing about a garden? Make a list of everything you definitely need and try not to deviate too much from it as you go along.

4. Take the seasons into account

Chances are you want to be enjoy your gorgeous garden all year round, and not just in the spring. It pays to keep flowering periods in mind when purchasing your greenery, as does integrating some hardy plants into your garden design. That way, you’ll always have something beautiful to gaze at no matter the season.

Tip: If you wish to spend time in your garden even in the winter, consider installing a (free-standing) patio cover with side walls. Opt for integrated LED lighting and ditto heating, and you’re all set! 

5. Don’t forget about outdoor lighting

The right outdoor lighting instantly immerses your garden in a fairytale atmosphere. Combine your patio cover’s integrated LED lighting with ground spots illuminating your garden paths and with special spotlights aimed at your most beautiful plants and trees.

6. Opt for a low-maintenance garden design 

Why make things difficult when you can simply choose plants and a patio cover that require little maintenance? Material-wise, aluminium is an excellent choice for your patio cover as it is much more maintenance-friendly than wood.


Do you want to enjoy your garden to the max, no matter the season?

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