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5 barbecue trends from all over the world

barbecue trends

Each country has its own culinary traditions, some of which have become popular all over the world.  Barbecuing, for instance, originated in the United States in the 18th century and has now even gained ground in North Korea. In fact, it seems every country likes to barbecue with its very own twist!

1. Grilling it German style with ‘Bratwurst’ 

Bratwurst’ served with sauerkraut, potato salad or a bun is part and parcel of Germany’s culinary heritage. If you’d like a taste of this German tradition at home, remember to always cook the sausages until they’re half done before putting them on the grill. That way, the outside won’t get burnt before the inside is done.

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2. Bulgogi

Both North and South Koreans love indulging in bulgogi: thinly sliced pork or beef marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic and pepper. Bulgogi is best barbecued on a fine grill rack (or you can simply bake it in a pan). 

3. Yakitori

'Yakitori' is Japanese for 'baked chicken' and a typical Japanese delicacy. Making yakitori yourself is pretty easy. Select small pieces of meat (chicken, pork or beef) and then bake them over a charcoal grill. While baking, season the meat with salt or with a salty-sweet marinade made of sweet rice wine (mirin), soy sauce and sugar.

4. Straight from the USA: smoked vegetables and meat 

In recent years, people living in the United States, South Africa, Australia and Jamaica have taken a liking to smoking instead of barbecuing. Smoking means cooking your meat and veggies slowly and at a low temperature to give them a smoky flavor and preserve as much of the juices as possible. It’s best done on a pellet barbecue which allows you to easily control the temperature.

5. The vegetarian barbecue trend 

Veganism and vegetarianism is on the rise. Consequently, more and more people opt to barbecue without meat, choosing healthy alternatives like vegetable satays, halloumi cheese and corn on the cob instead. What’s your favorite veggie barbecue dish?  

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A barbecue is all the more fun if you don’t have to worry about the sun, rain or wind.

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