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Patio cover on a rooftop terrace
A terrace covering is not only perfect for large gardens or immense terraces next to a swimming pool; they’ve also proven their added value on a rooftop terrace or built onto a penthouse. A pergola allows you to create an additional outdoor room, which you can enjoy all year long, in a limited amount of space. If you want to install a pergola at great height, you have to take some important aspects into consideration. We summarised the most important ones below. (...) Read more
town garden with patio cover
Nicer than your neighbour’s? You bet. Because you consider your small garden to be an additional outside room. One that you want to use in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. An outside room that is fully dedicated to enjoyment and experiencing. A town garden in which smart investments are made. (...) Read more
snow on patio cover
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carport winter
Do you associate carports with old-fashioned patio covers made of plexiglass? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong! Just have a look at the Algarve Canvas, a designer carport that keeps your vehicle sheltered from the harsh winter weather. Read on to learn all about this stylish not to mention high-quality carport. (...) Read more
patio cover costs
Putting a price tag on a patio cover takes a little research. After all, Renson’s patio covers are always made-to-measure and come with a wide range of optional accessories and side panels. In this article, we’ll elaborate on the different factors that make up the final price. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect. (...) Read more
horizontal versus inclined patio cover
In the market for a patio cover? Great! Hang on for a second, though, because purchasing a patio cover is not something to do overnight. First of all, you have to decide whether to opt for a horizontal design or an inclined patio cover. Having trouble choosing? This article compares both types, enabling you to make a well-informed decision. (...) Read more