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New Year’s reception in your garden: entertain your guests in style

new year’s reception garden

Hosting a New Year’s reception is no mean feat. To make sure your guests have the time of their lives, you need a lot of planning and organising skills. And that’s not all, because you obviously don’t want to throw a party that’s merely average. Our tip for 2017? A New Year’s reception in your garden!

Getting ready

A good beginning is half the battle. Here’s how to prepare for a proper Christmas party or New Year’s reception in your own garden:


  • Clean your patio and make sure the floor is completely dry, so your guests don’t go slipping and sliding.
  • Rent stylish patio heaters so everyone stays nice and warm.
  • Rent reception tables with fancy covers to take your outdoor New Year’s reception to the next level.

New Years in your own garden


New Year’s reception in the garden

How do you go about organising a New Year’s reception in your garden? What do you offer your guests? And how do you make sure the day or evening becomes truly unforgettable? A few tips!


  • Serve hot appetizers instead of cold ones. Do you want your appetizers to stand out? Finish them on the barbecue!
  • No winter garden party is complete without hot drinks. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options: soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, … Need an extra something to cheer you up? Then mulled wine is the way to go.
  • Are your guests shivering in their seats? Then it’s time to distribute blankets! Fleece blankets are not only warm, but also super cosy.
  • Your garden may be pretty during the day, but it’s at its best in the evening, when it gets dark and your beautiful Christmas lighting comes to life. Or how about some scented tea lights or – why not? – glow-in-the-dark bracelets for your guests?
  • Don’t forget about the music! Get in the mood with U2’s ‘New Year’s Day’ or Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘The New Year’, or go for dance-themed songs to get your guests shaking and grooving.


Tips for the perfect New Year’s reception

Two more tips to make absolutely sure your New Year’s reception stands out:

  • Your invitation should specify that it’s an outdoor event. How’s “a heart-warming garden reception” for a title? “All you have to do is dress warmly; we’ll take care of your inner self (read: yummy hot drinks and bites)” will definitely get the message across!
  • Consider a plan B. Keep in mind that you’re always at the mercy of the weather gods and you can never now if they’re in a good mood or not… When it’s wet, cold or windy, you can move your New Year’s reception to a cosy indoor space or a garden room that you can close off. The Renson Camargue louvered roof is very easy to heat, making it your perfect companion for an unforgettable outdoor reception.

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Celebrating Christmas in your garden? Ho, ho, ho, why not!

Celebrating christmas in your garden? Ho, ho, ho, why not!

From decorating the tree to roasting the turkey, Christmas is a time for traditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas a little differently this year… Why not take the party outside, and host it in the garden for a change? Read on to find out how you can turn your garden into a magical winter palace in no time!

3 unique outdoor moments: celebrate Christmas in your garden

  • 1. Christmas is usually celebrated indoors, with friends and family sitting around the fireplace or in a beautifully decorated dining room where red, green and gold reign supreme. But why not take a different approach? How about a winter reception on the patio or underneath a louvered canopy instead? Keep the pastry bites and mulled wine coming, and you’re in for an entertaining and heartwarming evening!
  • 2. Are you crazy about snowy scenes and winter landscapes, but not about the bone-chilling temperatures that typically go with them? With a garden room – which you can easily close off and pimp with heating elements – you can have your cake and eat it too. You needn’t worry too much about the comfort of your guests either: they will be thrilled to attend a one-of-a-kind Christmas party.
  • 3. Let it snow, let it snow… As soon as the first flakes come fluttering down, put on your warmest clothes and build a snowman together with your guests! Are they the competitive type? Build snowmen in two teams. But don’t forget to enjoy that feeling of fresh, crispy snow underneath your moonboots!

Christmass in your garden is a real possibility, find our here!

3 original tips to take your Christmas decorations to the next level

  • 1. Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Forget the holly and the ivy: go for Christmas decorations that invite your guests to explore the garden, such as Christmas lights lining the garden paths or adding a little sparkle to the trees in your backyard.
  • 2. No Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree! Put one in your front yard to wow your neighbors and to make coming home after work all the more fun. A statement piece like that is bound to take your garden to the next level!
  • 3. No matter what you plan on doing during the holidays, your guests should be warm at all times. Installing a fire basket or buying a patio heater is a great idea. And if it really gets too cold, you can always enjoy the winter landscape from the comfort of your garden room.

A merry christmass in your garden

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The secret to a successful winter barbecue


Are you one of those people who just can’t wait till the first barbecue of the summer? Enjoying a spicy sausage, a nice piece of fish, a fresh salad and a tasty mocktail while the children are having the time of their lives in the backyard … Now there’s a recipe for an unforgettable afternoon or evening.

But did you know that there’s absolutely no need to miss out on barbecue fun during the winter months? Check our tips for hosting a successful winter barbecue!

A winter barbecue? Uh, come again?

It may sound a little strange, but a winter barbecue is not that farfetched an idea. It may be chilly outside, but when you’re all bundled up and dry under a canopy, the cold is actually quite pleasant – especially if you can relax near the warm glow of a barbecue or fire basket. The combination of warm, grilled food and the cold, fresh air makes you feel as if you’re at a cosy Christmas market – mulled wine, anyone? – or as if you’re just taken off your ski goggles and are heading back to the lodge for some hot chocolate: it doesn’t get much better than that.

Grilling in winter: a few must-try recipes

A winter barbecue is not just a barbecue you host during winter months; it’s a culinary highlight of the winter season. These recipes will make your mouth water …


  • Winter soup makes a comforting starter: think pea soup with smoked sausage, onion soup or purslane soup.
  • A lot of backyard barbecue favorites go down well in summer and winter: steak, chicken satay, barbecue ribs, veggie balls, …
  • However, certain meats really have that winter vibe, which makes them likely candidates for some wintertime grilling. Game, grilled meat or duck breasts all fit the bill.
  • The summer season asks for fresh salads, but a winter barbecue is not complete without some hot veggies on the side. You can cook, steam or grill them: delicious and healthy!
  • No barbecue is complete without tasty drinks. Our suggestions: homemade mulled wine, hot chocolate with marshmallows or warm milk with a dash of cinnamon.


Tips for staying warm

When your guests’ lips are turning blue and their noses are Rudolph red, your winter barbecue probably isn’t quite the success you were hoping for. Make sure your friends and family are all snug and warm. Everything starts with telling your guests to dress warm and providing blankets for extra coziness. But to really get the comfort level up, you might want to create a sheltered corner in the garden or on your patio. A patio cover and wind-tight screens will keep everyone dry and warm. In addition, a fire basket or heating elements will surely make the temperature rise as well. Throw in some winter decorations and mood lighting, and you’re ready for tons of winter grilling fun!

BBQs in style with the Renson louvered roofs

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Magical moments in the garden with the right outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting makes all the difference when it comes to creating magical moments in the garden – be it on summer evenings, rainy autumn afternoons or lovely spring nights. But which garden or patio lights to choose? Don’t worry: with these three pointers, you simply can’t go wrong.

Tip 1: little things make a big difference

It’s obviously perfectly possible to pimp your garden with a flood light that would not be out of place in a football stadium, but that’s not exactly our idea of cosy… If you want to add a magical touch and a holiday vibe to your garden, you should go for a lot of little lights. And there are many ways to make the most of these:

  • Dress up a few trees or your pergola with a light garland – a small touch that immediately takes you back to summer festivals, garden parties or authentic funfairs. Nostalgia at its best!
  • Ground lights lining the garden path or the patio are not only atmospheric, but also very convenient. Even when the sun goes down, they add some structure to your garden.
  • Finally: Christmas lights are the one thing you simply cannot do without in the holiday season!

Tip 2: warm outdoor lighting is key

Cold, blueish lights are an instant mood killer. Like your interior, your exterior really comes to life with warm lighting. This makes perfect sense, as we tend to associate warm lights with all the good things in life, like the evening sun or a warm fireside. Are cold colours an absolute no-go then? Not really, but if you use them, use them as accent lighting in well-chosen areas.

Tip 3: go for led lights

When deciding on your outdoor lighting, you should not lose sight of the technical details either. All the experts agree that led lights are by far the best choice. Led lights use up to ten times less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs, and three times less than energy-saving bulbs. Because most people tend to keep their garden lights on for hours at a time, energy-efficient solutions are definitely the smartest choice.

Fortunately, garden and patio led lights are no longer synonymous with a ‘cool’ look: they come in all sorts of warm shades that will instantly lift your mood. And how about adapting the colour of your outdoor lighting to your garden furniture? That’s perfectly possible thanks to the rgb technology. A Renson patio cover and led lights are a match made in heaven. Simply go to our website and discover for yourself how you can subtly integrate lighting and even heating elements into your patio cover.

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Wellness at home? The garden is the place to be ...

wellness in the garden

Nothing beats winding down in the comfort of your own home. Yes, spending a day at the spa can be heavenly, but deep down we all dream of kicking back in our very own hot tub or sauna. Preferably one that is located in our own little green sanctuary, of course. Because there’s nothing quite like relaxing and enjoying that blissful Zen feeling of wellness in your garden.

Relaxing Finnish style: a sauna in the garden

A sauna in the garden may sound like a crazy idea, but in Finland it's the most normal thing in the world. Did you know that Finland – home of the sauna tradition – counts more than three million saunas, while there are only five million Finns? Many of these saunas are located in private homes, often in gardens. Which isn’t all too surprising, really, because like a Jacuzzi, a sauna in a garden shed or outbuilding sure has its benefits:


  • The green surroundings, located far away from household chores and everyday problems, make you automatically relax.
  • It is very healthy to let your body cool off after fifteen minutes in the sauna or Jacuzzi. Enjoy the fresh air or take a quick dip in the pool. The transition from very hot to very cold is not only an invigorating sensation, it also helps your body fight colds. And after a few minutes you simply pop back in!
  • There’s no need for major renovation works for you to enjoy your private spa all year round.


Warm winter blessings …

Wellness at home is pure bliss every day of the year, but the winter season is when you will really count your blessings for having your own spa at home. Imagine enjoying …

  • … a private sauna in your garden.
  • … your own Jacuzzi or hot tub under the canopy or patio cover, so no rain or snow can ruin your precious me-time. And if you combine a Camargue louvered canopy with gorgeous Loggia sliding panels, you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbours looking in either.
  • ... unwinding after the sauna or hot tub in a garden pavilion with integrated heating elements.

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Winter is coming … Is your garden ready?

garden ready for winter

The winter season is a winding down time in the garden, provided you take the time to get your garden winter ready when autumn is coming to its end.

Taking care of your plants

Chances are most plants in your garden are frost-tender. If you want to keep your garden from looking bare and drab in spring, now is the time to take precautions:

  • Remove dead branches and leaves from your lawn and compost them. You can use the resulting humus as a protective layer. Another way to protect your plants against frost is covering the soil with straw.
  • Autumn is the ideal time to trim fruit trees, ivy, and boxwood shrubs and hedges.
  • Move potted plants indoors.
  • Refrain from fertilizing your plants. You don’t want them to have a growth spurt when it’s freezing.
  • Plant flower bulbs before the first frost. When winter ends, they will turn into beautiful spring flowers.

Getting the garden ready for winter: protect your garden furniture

Since you won’t be using your garden furniture from November to February, it’s best to store it away safely. Move all tables and chairs inside or under the patio canopy, so they won’t get damaged by the winter weather. Don’t forget to store away the garden hose as well, and shut off all valves and drain all the pipes to avoid irrevocable damage once the frost kicks in.

An inviting winter garden

Does your garden look dead and deserted every winter? It doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a beautiful and inviting winter garden isn’t all that difficult:


  • Birds make your garden come to life. Hang up a few fat balls and lay out some crumbs and fruit this winter to attract wrens, titmice and sparrows.
  • Not all plants hibernate. Plant winter-flowering plants across your garden to have it looking cheerful even on the bleakest and coldest days of the year.
  • Don’t let low outdoor temperatures keep you from enjoying your garden. A few cushions and a warm blanket instantly turn your terrace into a cosy spot for you to bask in the peace and quiet of winter. Evidently, a patio canopy with glass sliding panels and heating makes it even more delightful to enjoy the beauty of the winter season – without freezing cold feet!
  • One last tip: invite some friends over for a winter barbecue. We’re sure they’ll gladly oblige and cherish the memory for years to come …

Winter is coming, is your garden ready?

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A garden room that’s warm and dry in the fall? You’re not dreaming

A garden room that's warm and dry

Do you love spending time in the garden? Then June to September is probably your favourite time of the year. Why not try and extend that lovely period? Thanks to your very own garden room you can enjoy some family time and me time in your garden even in the fall.

Outdoor living: not just for summer days!

There’s magic in every season, so there’s no need to get grumpy when autumn is at your doorstep. Deciduous trees dress up in the most beautiful colours from September till November, turning nature and your garden into works of art. And autumn has even more up its sleeve, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, warm daylight and mild temperatures that lure you into taking an evening stroll or having an after-work drink on the patio.

High and dry in the ‘Camargue’ garden room

However, let’s not get carried away: autumn is pretty, but fickle. And chilly draughts and rain showers aren’t exactly the most inviting outdoor conditions. Fortunately, there are many ways to accommodate this problem, like a garden room.

The name of the room is self-explanatory: a garden room is an area in your garden that you can easily close off when the weather turns bad, while not completely separating you from your environment. Most garden rooms begin their lives as patio covers. Take the Renson Camargue: in the summertime, this stylish louvered canopy shelters you from the sun. When the leaves start to fall, you simply close the louvres of the canopy to create a waterproof roof. By adding moveable walls to the sides of the Camargue, you’ll be out of the wind as well.

Garden room cosiness and comfort

Perhaps contrary to expectations, bringing a garden room up to temperature is easy-peasy. The design of Camargue, Algarve, Algarve Roof and Lagune allow you to subtly integrate heating elements that distribute the heat evenly across the room. You’ll love them all the more for being practically invisible!

And that’s not the only touch of comfort you can add to your garden room. With the right lights, speakers and lounge furniture, you can easily convert your patio into an extra living room. Get ready for afternoon tea with a view…

Tip: why not make a garden office in your garden room?




Create a dry and warm terrace

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Garden trends: design and minimalism meet in modern gardens

A beautifully designed house – a cube-shaped house with a green roof or a handsome seventies bungalow – simply can’t do without a statement garden. But designing a minimalist garden doesn’t mean you can put in a minimum of effort. To help you out, we offer some expert tips, based on the latest trends in gardening.

Organic-yet-modern: gardens you’ll fall in love with

Close your eyes and picture your typical modern garden… Are you seeing rows and rows of neatly trimmed hedges and lots of ornamental grasses – a little wild, but not quite out of control? Think again! A contemporary garden comes in all styles. Take, for example, organic gardens, which are very much on the rise. An organic garden is characterised by plant beds in natural shapes, and flowers that look lively and original. Bye bye rigid simplicity, enter playful minimalism.

organic landscaping

(Source: Royal Botania)

Warm materials – and ditto lights

One of the pitfalls of designing a modern garden is ending up with a sterile, lifeless and characterless patch of green. Concrete and steel – two modern materials par excellence – can come across as cold and clinical when used for landscaping purposes, which spoils the fun for everyone who turns to their garden for cosiness and warmth.

How to walk the tightrope? Complement your modern evergreens with warm and natural materials like wood, and add playful touches such as coloured concrete, multicolour brick walls or design furniture.

Are you looking to brighten up those shady corners of your garden? Garden lights will definitely do the trick, but do keep in mind that warm atmosphere you’re aiming for. Cold, blueish LED lights are an absolute mood killer; go for subtle lamps that glow a warm yellow colour instead.

warm garden lights

(Source: Royal Botania)

An interplay of light and shadow

The interplay of light and shadow is another top trend in modern gardens. Many young and modern gardens flaunt their straight lines and create a feeling of spaciousness, but they tend to be uniform in height. Yet towering trees, pergolas and terrace coverings have a lot to offer, livening things up and adding a little edge to your garden view. What’s more: they subdivide your yard and hide those ugly trash cans or compost piles. Small wonder that these playful extras are starting to make their way into contemporary gardens.

If you’re not into dramatic eye-catchers, small differences in height are probably more up your alley. Add a little wall around your plant beds, or visually separate your patio from your garden.

> Want to know more about this stylish patio cover?

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Patio cover, veranda or pergola? Comparison is key!

Patio cover, veranda or pergola?

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is the newest trend in construction and interior design. By bringing the outside in and by adding a homely touch to your outdoor living areas, you can make the most of the space you have and create inviting outdoor spaces you just don’t want to leave. Imagine the comfort of your couch, and add some lovely greenery, plenty of fresh air and a stunning view into the mix. Sounds like just the ticket, right?

Roof covers are indispensable if you want to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home, so verandas, pergolas and patio covers are definitely working the indoor/outdoor trend. But what’s the difference between those three? 

Veranda: pros and cons

A veranda is a kind of lean-to conservatory. Verandas become comfortably warm once the sun hits the glass, making them the perfect place to relax and recharge. 


Their biggest advantages:

  • Additional living space: a veranda is the perfect lounge area. You can have a seat to read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee anytime you like.
  • Plenty of natural light: treat yourself and your plants to a sunshine fix.
  • Available in all price ranges.

However, a veranda’s biggest plus can also become a bit of a bother. The glass structure can make the room become as hot as a furnace on summer days, heating up adjacent rooms as well (nothing that can’t be fixed with a sun awning, though). In the winter months, it’s the other way around: without heating, verandas become too chilly to use.  



Pergola: pros and cons

A traditional pergola is a wooden structure or an archway that shades a path or patio. The framework is often covered with climbing plants. Pergola’s have both pros and cons:


  • The foliage adds shade to your patio. 
  • A touch of romance: a pergola sprinkles your garden with rustic charm. 
  • A pergola is not attached to your home, which makes extra heating difficult. 
  • The plants that line your pergola need regular grooming.
  • Pergolas offer no shelter from the rain, and are difficult to attach an awning to.


Patio cover

While a veranda creates extra space indoors, a patio cover creates an additional, comfy outdoor area.

Renson Camargue


  • Your patio is sheltered while you retain complete control over your sun shading system>. 
  • There are patio covers to match any style – from pastoral to sleek and modern. 
  • you can pimp your patio cover with heating elements, an audio system, LED-lighting and even sliding panels for extra protection against the sun, rain and wind.
  • An aluminum terrace covering that isn’t overgrown with plants requires less maintenance than a traditional pergola. 

Tips and trick

Make sure to keep these questions in mind when you’re buying a patio cover:

  • Is the material durable and strong?
  • Does thedesign complement your house and garden?
  • Where will you install your patio cover to make sure the sunlight hits it just right? 


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Put the extra into the ordinary: a luxurious terrace in just 4 steps

From an ordinary garden to a Luxurious terrace

A beautiful terrace really boosts the value of your property. And a perfectly decorated terrace means fun all year round. Precisely because you’re spending so much quality time outdoors, a little dash of luxury may be a necessity! Discover how to pimp your terrace in just four steps.

1. Design garden furniture

The look-and-feel of your terrace largely depends on your selection of garden furniture. No matter how sturdy and well-maintained your terrace covering may be, and no matter how breathtaking the view, it only takes a pair of white plastic garden chairs to completely ruin the experience. A stylish lounge set in tropical wood, aluminium, stainless steel or high-quality plastic are really worth the investment. They are the key to years and years of garden fun.

2. Heating – never too chilly for that late-night barbecue!

The best part of having a luxurious terrace is being able to enjoy it every time of the day, and every time of the year. Sipping a deliciously silky cappuccino in the morning sun? Grilling away with friends and family till the wee hours? Freezing to death on your terrace is clearly not an option! The solution: terrace heaters, an authentic terrace stove or a fire pit. 

3. Music maestro, please!

Your favorite tunes to liven up the atmosphere on your terrace? It only takes a set of waterproof outdoor speakers to add some magic to your outdoor experience! Surely enjoying music is not just for indoors. Do you have a Renson terrace covering? Then you’re in luck, because the design beams of Camargue, Algarve, Algarve Roof and Lagune allow you to subtly integrate an audio system. Sounds like music to your ears, right?

Integrated speakers in your terrace covering

4. A luxurious terrace: frame your outdoor experience

The proper covering ties your terrace together and puts the finishing touches to your favorite outdoor spot. A cover or a pergola frames your terrace – literally so – and provides some much-needed protection from the wind, the rain and the sun. Enjoying your terrace all year round? That’s perfectly possible!

decorate terrace

Tip: adapt the style of your terrace cover to that of your garden furniture. Modern furniture asks for a sleek design pergola, while more classic models like Algarve Classic Line or Lapure Classic Line are a better match for rustic furniture.