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Why choose a customized patio cover?

customized patio cover

Are you looking for a patio cover to take your outdoor space to a higher level so you can enjoy the outdoor life more? You probably won’t settle for just any covering. A customized patio roof offers plenty of possibilities.

No two gardens are the same

A patio roof offers countless opportunities to make the most of your outdoor space. What you use it for is completely up to you. Every garden is different and every user has their own needs. Some people want to barbecue on their patio every day, while others want intimacy and peace more than anything else. Or how about a covered patio play area in full view of the kitchen window? Every situation requires its own solution.

A customized patio cover: 5 important considerations

Fortunately, customization is within reach. The Renson Ambassadors skilfully guide you through the entire process. Here are a number of initial questions they might ask you:

  • What do you plan to use the covered patio for?
  • Do you prefer an attached or free-standing patio covering?
  • What would be the ideal length, width and height of the covering?
  • Would you like extra protection from too much sunlight or less favourable weather conditions, or are you looking for extra privacy?
  • What style do you prefer? The available styles range from sharp and minimalist to more traditional. In addition, you are obviously looking for a colour that is a perfect fit for your garden, facade and exterior woodwork. Finally, your style should be reflected in the finishing touches like the awning, side panels and lighting options.

customized patio cover

Renson patio roofs: always custom-made

Renson patio roofs are always custom-made, assembled and installed. You can opt for an attached construction with two columns or a free-standing cover with four columns. You can even integrate the Algarve Roof into an existing construction. A patio cover is always wall-mounted, and has two supporting columns. A lounge patio in the backyard or a convenient patio next to the kitchen? It’s up to you.

Of course, you also have to decide on the size of the patio roof. The maximum span is 4.5 by 6 metres for an Algarve and 4.5 by 6.2 metres for a Camargue. Not big enough? You can connect several identical patio covers to each other, either lengthwise or widthwise, so that the resulting cover has exactly the right shape and size.

Furthermore, all Renson Outdoor products are available in every possible RAL-colour.

Finally, you can completely customize our patio roofs to thanks to our personalization options. Integrated lighting and audio, smart sliding walls and side panels, elegant sunscreens, patio heating … anything is possible.


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How to organize spring celebrations in your garden, step by step

how to organize a garden party

Looking forward to your own garden party, but dreading all the preparations that come with it? Organizing a garden party may seem like quite a task, but take it step by step and you’ll see everything will fall into place.

1. The brainstorm

A birthday, a spring feast, a new year's reception, an anniversary or a graduation party, ... There are plenty of occasions to organize an intimate garden party for. And, mind you, summer is not the only season for garden parties. Your garden can serve as an amazing backdrop for parties all year round! So there’s no need to feel restricted when you’re brainstorming for a theme and original touches to match the occasion.

2. The feasability test

The second step is to verify whether the party you have in mind is feasible in your garden. What may seem impossible at first, may just work with some minor adjustments.

Just imagine: your covered terrace and your living space are too small to receive a large group. By simply opening the sliding doors and dressing both spaces as one single room, you create all the space you need to entertain the people you want to invite.

Another example: let’s say organizing a sit-down dinner in your garden would be too much of a hassle. Then why not organize a walking dinner on the lawn instead? Your guests will be pleasantly surprised!

how to organize a garden party

3. Organizing a unique garden party

Now it’s time for the real work! This checklist will help you make sure you don’t forget anything:

  • Catering
  • Garden furniture and/or reception tables
  • Crockery, tablecloths, chair covers, ...
  • Decorative lighting
  • Decorations
  • Gift table and thank you gifts
  • Seating plan
  • ...

4. Spring celebrations under your patio cover

No matter how small or large your garden parties, a patio cover always comes in handy. Even if the weather is not all you were hoping for, a well-lit and heated covered patio is all you need to have a cosy dinner outdoors. Finally, don’t forget to make sure there’s room for the buffet and bar under your patio cover as well.

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Designing your dream patio: it all starts with inspiration…

patio design inspiration

Make no mistake: the patio is not the easiest part of your garden design. You probably spend the most time on your patio and are certain to receive friends and family there. What’s more, it must be conveniently located and have the correct orientation. Not to mention the style.

Turning your patio into a success story? It all starts with a generous portion of inspiration.

Magazines are your best friend – also online!

Unless you are blessed with divine inspiration, you will first have to look in all sorts of places for inspiration for your new patio. Home and garden magazines still form one of the better options for finding ideas. Leaf through them, cut out the prettiest images and collect them in a scrapbook or on a mood board.

It’s just as easy to do it online. There are plenty of home and decorating magazines that publish new articles every day. Simply save the most inspiring photos on a virtual mood board. Pinterest in particular, is extremely handy for collecting ideas from across the web on multiple virtual boards.

Visit patios

Tip 2: visit patios. Drop in on friends and family and study their patios. What are the strong points, what don’t you like, what would you do differently? Don’t be afraid to ask acquaintances what they think is great about their patio: often that’s how you learn the most.

Garden designers are also a good source of garden inspiration. Ask for references before you commit to a garden designer, so that you can compare recent garden designs with each other and get a better picture of what is possible in 2017. You will be amazed by how many individuals are proud to show you their successful garden and patio!

patio design inspiration

Inspiration for your patio from Renson Outdoor

We at Renson make unique patio covers and pergolas, ideal for making your patio even more comfortable. To help you along, we have created an online inspiration page. Or request your free inspiration brochure and let your creativity run free!

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Your checklist for a great landscaped garden

landscaping checklist

Do you want to work on creating your dream garden? Then it is advisable to talk to a garden designer. But not without first making a checklist with the most important requirements for your new garden. For example, do you want a patio with an outdoor kitchen, a nice play area for your children, and so on.

Checklist garden design

Basis for your future garden

It all starts – as we wrote earlier – with a couple of personal questions. They may seem simple, but appearances are deceptive. Consider them carefully before you get started on your garden design.

  • What is the purpose of your garden? In other words, what do you mainly want to use the garden for?
  • What is your privacy requirement? Some people can only relax if they are completely shielded from the outside world and any prying eyes.
  • How much time will you devote to maintaining your new garden?
  • What garden style is perfectly suited to you and your family members?

Peripheral conditions

In addition, these peripheral conditions have an impact on what is possible in your garden design:

  • How is your garden oriented? A south facing garden offers totally different possibilities from a north facing garden.
  • How is your relationship with your neighbours? Are there agreements about garden fences, trees on the property borders, quiet moments…?
  • What is the shape of your terrain and is there a slope? That is important for things like drainage.
  • Are there special legal requirements or limitations (zoning, planting, gas pipes, …)?

landscaping checklist

Elements in the landscaping

Finally, you can focus on the landscaping itself. Of course, you do not have to incorporate every landscape element into your garden – that would soon be ‘too much’ – but certainly consider all the items on this checklist to achieve the best result:

  • Boundaries: hedges, walls, fences, climbing plants, reed mats, …
  • Barbecue or outdoor kitchen
  • Paving: patio and garden paths
  • Orchard with fruit trees
  • Flower borders
  • Compost heap and waste containers
  • Bicycle storage
  • Lawn
  • Art work
  • Herb garden, vegetable garden, conservatory, greenhouse, …
  • Pergola, shaded path, gazebo, …
  • Toys, swing, tree house, …
  • Patio cover
  • Garden house or storage shed
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden lighting
  • Vegetation: trees, shrubs, hedge plants, flowers, grasses, herbs, conifers, …
  • Pond, fountain, stream, …
  • Sandbox
  • Seating
  • Pool

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Your dream garden? Points to consider for landscaping and decoration

landscaping ideas for personal garden style

The grass is always greener on the other side, but when it comes to gardens, you should be drawn to your own patch of land. Therefore, landscaping this highly personal paradise on earth starts with reflection …

What do you expect from your garden?

No two people are identical. We grow up in different surroundings, have other preferences, carry out unique hobbies ... It will come as no surprise that our wishes when it comes to landscaping our garden also differ significantly. So, ask yourself, what you want to do with your garden:

  • Do you want to spend time in it often with friends and family? Or are you especially hoping to relax to your heart’s content in the sun?
  • Do you like a garden where you can efficiently grow the best herbs, vegetables and fruit? Or is a vegetable garden mainly the place for you – with your hands in the earth – to find peace?
  • Do you want to enjoy the perfect view in your back garden or are you not bothered if the (grand)children occasionally romp about in your flower bed?

There are gardens where, for the most part, you work, and gardens to enjoy, gardens for people and gardens for animals, gardens for perfectionists and gardens for the more nonchalant, gardens for flower lovers and gardens for footballers. Decide for yourself in which type of garden you want to spend time this coming summer.

landscaping ideas for personal garden style

From super-romantic to ultra-modern

The next dilemma is the style of your garden. Possible options are:

  • A romantic landscape garden with a sloping lawn
  • An English cottage garden with chestnut wood fencing
  • A French formal garden with trimmed boxwood hedge
  • A low-maintenance garden with nothing fancy
  • A sharp, modern garden for purists
  • A contemporary ecological garden full of beautiful flowers

Considering landscaping and design

Depending on your expectations and your chosen style, you must decide where to start when it comes to these garden elements:


Vegetable garden:

  • Big or small?
  • With or without greenhouse?
  • Close to the house or further away, secluded behind a hedge?

Garden paths:

  • Between which garden elements?
  • A permanent wood or stone path, or a simple narrow path mowed into the lawn?

Lawn and flower beds:

  • A low-maintenance lawn or a mix of various flower beds?
  • A lawn to play on, or a decorative lawn?

Need more inspiration? Follow Renson Outdoor on Pinterest or Instagram and create your own mood board with garden ideas!

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10 zen tips to destress at home and in the garden

destress in the garden

Slowing down after a busy day is not always evident. Could you use some tips to destress? These zen tips will help you to relax, at home and in the garden.

Destress indoors

1. Have plants in the house, because greenery is a natural air purifier. Healthy indoor air contributes to your good health and state of mind.

2. Have you heard of the concept sleep hygiene? A good sleep hygiene means positively influencing your sleep beforehand, for example by not doing anything too intense before you go to sleep. Just as important is that you keep your smartphone, tablet and computer out of the bedroom, because they keep you awake longer and prevent the production of melatonin.

3. Allow yourself some ‘me time’ every day. Ignore all household chores for half an hour and curl up on the sofa, for example, with a cup of tea and a magazine.

4. What is the most stressful moment of the day? That is when, still half asleep, you cannot find your keys, precisely when you have to leave in a hurry. Make it easy for yourself and put important things in a designated place. That helps you start the day with one less ‘stress’.

5. Let us take a shot at an open goal: a healthy diet is your most important weapon against stress. Vegetables, pulses and whole grains keep you going all day. Coffee, sugars and alcohol unavoidably go hand in hand with energy peaks and valleys.

destress in the garden

Destress in your garden

6. Your garden is the ideal spot to forget your worries. Go outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. By being aware of the subtle changes that the seasons bring, you are sometimes better able to put the daily worries in perspective.

7. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a nap in the shade in the summer. Curl up with some cushions under a tree or terrace cover for a delightful daydream.

8. Exercise in the open air. You do not necessarily need to go jogging in the park: swimming, yoga and even gardening will help you to destress.

9. Have a corner where you can gather your thoughts. Nothing is more idyllic than a charming swing under a tree in your garden, but feel free to make it totally your spot. The message is: personalize it.

10. Make your terrace a proper living space. By protecting your terrace from wind and rain, and decorating it nicely and practically, you create an extra space where you can get together with family and friends. You will soon notice: outdoor life does you good.

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Appealing and charming: the possibilities of RGB garden lighting

RGB garden lighting

Looking for attractive lighting for your garden room or terrace cover? Then you should certainly consider LED lighting. It is economical and can be seamlessly integrated in your terrace cover. And thanks to RGB technology you can change the colour at any time!

RGB garden lighting

RGB LED lighting is economical lighting for which you can set the colour yourself. The LED bulbs last longer than ordinary bulbs and use less electricity for the same amount of light. Ideal for outdoors, where lamps often burn for hours.

In the past, LED lighting was invariably cold light, but that is different now. For ‘ordinary’ LED lighting, you yourself choose the light colour or light temperature in the shop. If you want special colours, then of course you choose RGB LED lighting. With RGB lighting you decide what colour the lights light up. From cool blue to a warm, orange glow. Each colour creates its own atmosphere:

  • Purple stands for peace and mystery. Ideal for an evening of wellness in the garden.
  • Blue quickly makes you think of science fiction, but also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Make sure that the lighting is subtle, because otherwise it quickly becomes too cool.
  • Orange is the warmest hue of all, and the ideal colour to give cosy outdoor parties that something extra.
  • Red is a daring colour, but don’t let that stop you experimenting. After all, red is a warm hue that contrasts beautifully with the black of night. Like blue, red is a great colour for receptions in the garden.

Renson terrace covers with integrated lighting

In the Renson terrace covers Camargue and Algarve you can integrate ambient lighting in different places. That’s handy, because under your terrace cover or pergola you certainly need a source of light, and thanks to the wireless integration you do not even notice it during the day. And in the evenings, you can enjoy the atmosphere and cosiness to the full on the terrace. Stylish!

In the Camargue RGB ambient lighting can be integrated in the columns. For both the Camargue and the Algarve, downwards and/or upwards RGB lighting can be placed on the inside of the duct. If you like white light, then you can install pure white or warm white LED lighting in the louvres.

Beneficial assets!

  • No need for extra light fixtures.
  • No visible cables.
  • Handy control with the remote or an app on your smartphone.
  • Dimmable lighting.
  • Economical thanks to the LED technology.


Also put RGB LED strips along your garden fencing and you turn your garden into a harmonious whole.

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Garden trends: the focus is on outdoor living in comfort

garden trends outdoor living

Of course your garden must look beautiful, but in 2017 the garden trends go much further than just aesthetic considerations. One trend in garden design is crystal clear to all trend watchers: comfort, health and sustainability take precedence at all times. What does that mean exactly? Read about it here.

Design gardens in 2017

We previously talked about the garden trends in modern gardens and remarked that nowadays design gardens need three features:

  • The plants must be organic. They are playful, natural, airy. Forget about straight hedges in geometric patterns: design gardens in 2017 have mainly round shapes.
  • Warm, natural materials make your modern garden a cosy place to relax.
  • Differences in height – however small – create a striking play on shadows and ensure a visual separation between the different zones.

Design gardens 2017

(Source: Royal Botania)

Garden trends for game birds

2017 brings trends that get back to the core of the issue. After all, what is a garden? Is it not above all a place for uninterrupted pleasure? Romping in the grass with the children, gardening with a dash of natural music on the background, or making the most of the last of the evening sun with a smoothie in the hand: that is the purpose of your garden!

And that is what we have picked up from the garden trends of 2017. The garden as a leisure paradise for children and adults. Imagine, for example, alternative lawns with wild grasses and moss, where you can freely frolic. Or a petanque area for you and your guests, and an original sandbox for the little ones.

Visually, this trend translates into eclectic gardens. Old and new stand shamelessly – proudly even! - next to each other. Robust climbing trees parade harmoniously next to delicate flower beds. As long as it is fun.

Design gardens 2017

Comfort, health and sustainability

The ideal garden looks well-cared for but also a little wild. It requires little maintenance, but is not sterile. It is especially healthy and natural, full of native plants and animal-friendly corners. That way we make the garden a delightful place to spend time again. All for yourself, or to share with friends and family.

Are weather conditions temporarily less favourable? On a rainy summer day or during other seasons, you can still enjoy outdoor life. For example, a terrace cover is an elegant solution to do more for less. Close the roof and the sliding panels, and voila, your terrace is an extra living space. ‘A room with a view’, let’s say!

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Cosy and comfy: 3 garden seating ideas you just have to try

perfect garden seating area

Have you ever visited with friends, having a chat in their living room or lounge, only to notice how everything in the room just ‘works’? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but somehow all items in the room are perfectly in sync with each other, creating a space that exudes comfort and cosiness. Do you find yourself wishing you had a garden seating area just like that? Then you’re in for a treat! Here you’ll find all the garden seating ideas you need to create the perfect spot for lounging and relaxing outdoors.

Garden seating ideas: the basics

Whether you’re planning on installing your garden furniture on the patio or right under a majestic tree in the back of the garden, the perfect garden seating area abides by three basic principles.

Rule #1: let it bask in the sun – but give the shade a chance

You get the most out of a garden seating area by installing it in a sunny place. Ideally, the area is oriented to the southeast or southwest. A southeast facing patio basks in the sun from morning until late afternoon, while a southwestern seating area captures the sunlight from the afternoon until late evening.

Evidently, not everyone is fond of a sunny terrace every hour of the day. Make sure your garden seating area is flexible enough so that your guests always have a choice between sunbathing and relaxing in the shade. Don’t know where to start? A parasol or a louvered canopy is all you need!

the best garden seating ideas

Rule #2: add a touch of Zen

Whether you’re curled up with a book or having friends over for drinks, you’ll enjoy your garden seating area the most if it gives you a feeling of privacy. Installing the garden furniture in a corner is the easiest way to achieve this. Arranging the seats close to the house, against a wall or garden fence, or under a pergola shields you from the wind, creates a warm atmosphere and even adds to your peace of mind.

the best garden seating ideas

(Source: Royal Botania)

Rule #3: harmony is key

Finally, make sure all elements of your seating area – from the garden furniture to the accessories – match each other to a T. Start by asking yourself:

  • ‘What style is my home’s facade?’
  • ‘Does my garden have a modern look and feel, or is it rather romantic?’
  • And, above all: ‘What is my personal style?’

Next, simply pick your canopy, garden chairs, cushions, decorations, flower pots, … accordingly, and you’re all done!

Build the perfect corner in your garden

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Chillax! How to decorate a winter terrace that wows

winter terrace inspiration

In winter, we tend to spend most of our days indoors. Still, despite the cold, the occasional breath of fresh air – even in the middle of winter – can work wonders for your health as well as your mood, especially if you’re the lucky owner of a cosy winter terrace.

Fun tips to decorate your winter terrace

Patios are the place to be during summer, but they do require some tender loving care to remain just as inviting when winter comes around. A few fail-proof tips to cosy up your winter terrace in a heartbeat:

Lanterns: from the rustic to the exotic

Lanterns are an asset to any type of terrace. Depending on their style, lanterns create a perfect backdrop for country-style garden parties, mystic oriental-inspired gardens, … Whatever your style, make sure that the light bulbs (or candles) emit a warm, cosy glow.

Don’t care much for lanterns? Then perhaps LED lighting is more your cup of tea. LED strips, for instance, subtly immerse your terrace in a classy atmosphere. And they’re particularly energy-efficient to boot.

Winter terrace

Winter plants make your terrace come to life

No patio is complete without plants. Ornamental grasses, small shrubs and hardy potted plants such as succulents make for an inviting terrace even during winter, as do miniature conifers.

And why not add a splash of colour while you’re at it? These winter-flowering bulbs thrive in pots:

  • Hellebore: white or pinkish flowers
  • Winter heath: bright fuchsia, purple pink or white flowers
  • Cyclamen: white or purple flowers


Your terrace, your style

One last tip: dress your terrace to impress! Christmas decorations during the festive season are self-evident, but don’t hesitate to add a few minimalist accessories to give your terrace a modern look and feel on regular days.

The basics for a wonderful winter terrace

There are plenty of fun ways to decorate your patio, but keep in mind that nothing beats a comfortable seating area. A canopy or patio cover helps keep your outdoor furniture clean and dry, and your guests warm and cosy. Blankets – and perhaps even a fire pit – work wonders, but don’t forget to look into integrated lighting and heating as well.

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