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A green patio the whole year round? Choose hardy plants

hardy patio plants

The temperature drops, the days get shorter and darker. Is your immediate reaction: "Of course, winter is coming"? Sure, it is. But winter can also feel very cosy. You make your home all warm and snug and spend more time with friends and family. And yes, you can also decorate your patio nicely, but this definitely requires more greenery.

Enjoy your patio, also in the winter months

On a hot summer day, you can be sure that someone will ask: "Shall we sit outside?" But in the other seasons, too, you can enjoy memorable moments sitting outside on the patio and sharing a drink with family and friends. Think of the environment you would need to sit at a restaurant or café terrace in the autumn, winter or spring, and create the same conditions at home. It should be dry, ideally with a ray of sunshine, and your fingers should not go numb of course. A roof over your patio makes sure you stay dry and warm. Especially if you add a patio heater and sliding panels to enclose it. Naturally, you can always wrap yourself in a snug fleece blanket and enjoy the healthy fresh air.

Indestructible patio plants

Creating a dry and warm space to sit in is one thing, but your winter patio should also have a pleasant feel. Bring in colourful plants, as they immediately liven up a space. For that green touch, use these hardy plants which will last winter after winter:

• Box (Buxus)

• Hydrangeas

• Lavender

• Ornamental grasses

• Conifers, such as juniper bushes

Colourful plants that are also winter hardy

Finally, complement those evergreens with some winter-hardy blooms to get a beautiful blend of leafy green and flowers:

• Witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia): yellow flowers in January or February

• Winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima): white flowers from January to April

• Hellebore (Helleborus orientalis): white, pinkish white, pink, Burgundy red, purple, orange or yellow flowers from January to April

• Pieris (Pieris japonica): white, pink or red urn-shaped flowers from March or April

• Skimmia (Skimmia japonica): white flowers from March to May

Consider planting these plants in a frost-proof pot, in terracotta for example. Both witch hazel and winter honeysuckle will thrive in a large pot.

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Camargue: a stylish louvered canopy to suit any home

Camargue louvered canopy

Thanks to the Camargue you can enjoy your beautiful patio and garden whenever you like. By equipping the Camargue with screens and adding the right accessories, you create a comfortable outdoor space that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

An extra outdoor living area

A stylish Renson louvered canopy like the Camargue is more than just a patio cover. It effortlessly transforms your patio into an extra living area, or garden room, if you will.

The louvers enable you to adjust the amount of sunlight on your patio. Open them slightly to let the air circulate on hot days, for example, tilting the louvers at an angle that allows you to take full advantage of the shade and a gentle breeze. Is the weather not that great? Simply close the louvers all the way to keep the rain out.

In addition to the louvers, integrated screens on the sides of the canopy protect you from the wind and ensure your privacy while you’re relaxing. As the screens are transparent, you can still enjoy your garden view.

Camargue: the louvered canopy that matches your style

How to describe the style of a Camargue louvered canopy? That depends on what you want it to be. You can seamlessly match the colour of the aluminum structure with the look of your home and garden, for instance. Whether your patio is tiled with bluestone pavers or decked with rustic wood planks, you’re sure to find a colour that complements it beautifully. You can even opt for louvers in a contrasting colour without extra charge.

Luxurious little extras

Your patio – or garden room – is your ultimate place to relax, so you have every reason to decorate it exactly to your liking. Is your mind set on a Renson Camargue louvered canopy? Then be sure to have a look at the luxurious little extras it’s compatible with, such as built-in LED lighting and integrated audio systems. What’s more, the Camargue leaves you all the freedom to include an outdoor kitchen or even a built-in fireplace.

Looking gorgeous! Watch the Camargue in action.

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Is it a veranda or a covered terrace? Judge for yourself!

veranda or covered terrace

Who doesn't dream of a climate that allows you to enjoy the outdoor life on a regular basis? From early morning, to late in the evening and not just during the summer months. Well, we have good news for you: you can now create this luxury at home. Whether you do that using a covered terrace or a veranda, is entirely up to you. We have put together an overview of both solutions.

Inside out: choose an (open) veranda

In architecture and home-building, we are seeing a clear trend: the boundary between indoors and out is blurring. With a veranda, a glass extension to the kitchen or living room, you can bring the outdoor feeling indoors. The difference with a veranda is that it is much lighter than other rooms and is lovely and warm - perfect for your house plants. In the summer, however, it can get a little too hot and that's the ideal opportunity to open up the veranda and close the sun shades.

Outdoor living with a covered terrace

A covered terrace is just a little bit different. A classic covered area offers protection against wind, rain and the sun. You can dream away your time on the terrace, barbecue with friends or enjoy the early morning sun, without having to worry about the weather.

Those who'd prefer a little more protection could expand the covered terrace to include wall panels or glass sliding doors, an audio system or heating. This turns the terrace into a genuine garden room. Enjoy the best of both worlds: you have a comfortable outdoor terrace and additional living space, whenever you need it. With a dynamic roof and walls, you can transform your space easily according to the weather.

Depending on the functions and additions you choose, a covered terrace can look a lot like a veranda, and vice versa. The options that suit you best depend on your lifestyle and requirements.

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Everything you need to know about detached patio covers

detached patio cover

Having a patio a bit further down in the garden and not adjacent to the house may seem a crazy idea at first. Still, more and more people opt for a detached patio complete with patio cover to get the most out of their garden while entertaining or kicking back with a good book or two.

Is installing a detached patio cover always a good idea?

Why settle for a regular outdoor sitting area if you can have one with a roof? What’s more, a detached covered patio transforms your backyard sitting area into a full-blown patio. A place for you to relax and enjoy the fresh air despite the rainy weather – or without the heat of the sun burning your skin.

Having some distance between your patio and your home has both its pros and cons. While you get to enjoy more peaceful and secluded surroundings, fetching those drinks from the kitchen will take you a little longer. Unless you’re the lucky owner of an outdoor kitchen, of course.

Side structures for creating a garden room

If you want to be able to enjoy your detached patio all the time no matter the weather, upgrading your patio cover with side structures is a great idea. Sheltering you from the wind while still providing you with an amazing view, your patio suddenly feels like a garden room. And there you have it: even though it’s detached, your patio has become a real addition to your home. You can even use it as a hobby room or as a special children’s corner.

Different types of patio covers

There are plenty of patio covers for turning your detached patio into a real eye-catcher. Check out the following models:

  • Algarve is a sleek-looking patio cover with louvres. Screens can easily be added for extra protection.
  • With Camargue, the possibilities are virtually endless – both in terms of side structures and accessories. Think heating options, glass walls and trendy LED lighting.
  • Skye is a louvered canopy that is fully retractable, making it easier for you to adjust to the weather conditions.

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Patio dining: let’s organise a garden get-together!

eating outdoors

If you’re a mum or dad, you have a lot on your mind. Obviously, you want to raise your child as well as you possibly can, which implies taking an interest in their hobbies, friends and, of course, setting certain boundaries. For instance, when are tablets and smartphones off-limits? How you answer that question affects the amount of quality time you get to spend with your child, which, in its turn, is another duty to add to your parenting list. Do you feel you’re not spending enough time with your family? Spring, summer and autumn are perfect seasons for organising a family get-together in the garden and enjoying a lovely meal on the patio.

1. Lunch al fresco

Children love eating outdoors, so surprise yours by setting the table on the patio and serving their lunch – and yours – there. A colourful table cloth is the perfect finishing touch. Having lunch on the patio is no trouble at all, yet guarantees loads of fun and a healthy dose of vitamin D to boot!

Tip: a made-to-measure patio cover enables you to have lunch on the patio whenever you feel like it!

eating outdoors

2. A picnic in your own garden

Devoted mums and dads know that Saturdays and Sundays are the ideal time to catch up with their children, talking about fun stuff, sharing new experiences, playing in the garden, ... Want to enjoy your weekend together to the max? Have a child-friendly picnic in your own garden or within walking distance from home (at the local park, for example). Prepare some sandwiches, veggies for nibbling, tasty fruit, fresh iced tea, … to take with you. Want to bet that your children will ask you for another picnic next weekend?

3. Family barbecue

Nothing beats a good old summer barbecue when it comes to family time. How to organise one that is safe – and healthy – for your children? Some tried-and-tested tips:

  • Draw a wide circle around the barbecue, and be clear to your children that that area is off-limits.
  • Make your own skewers with meat, fish and vegetables that have been cut and prepped ahead.
  • A barbecue is only healthy if you serve plenty of fibre and slow carbs besides protein (meat, fish, legumes, ...). Potatoes are always a good choice, but whole-grain pasta is even better for children who still have a lot of growing to do.
  • A dessert is the cherry on the cake to your family barbecue. Opt for marshmallows – roasted to chewy goodness by mum or dad – or go full healthy and make fruit packages to grill – delicious served with a scoop of ice cream!

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Should you opt for a patio cover or folding arm awning?

folding arm awning patio cover

Do you love basking in the sun on your patio, just not all day long (you know, for health reasons)? If so, installing some kind of sunscreen is a must. A folding arm awning, for example, which you can use to create shade whenever the mood strikes you. Then again, there’s also the option of a patio cover – which offers even more benefits. Let’s compare the two!

A traditional folding arm awning

When you’re thinking about installing a sunscreen, a traditional folding arm awning mounted against the wall is probably the first thing to spring to mind. When the sun gets too hot, you can simply open the awning using a remote control. Here’s a list of the other pros – and cons – of folding arm awnings:

The advantages:

  • There are no posts that can get in your way.
  • Folding arm awnings have a wide reach, creating plenty of shadow.
  • You can open and close an electric awning in a snap, thanks to the remote.

The disadvantages:

  • Because the awning is always visible, it can compromise the look of your façade.
  • Folding arm awnings are not resistant to strong winds or rain.
  • The fabric inevitably becomes dirty over time.

In short, a folding arm awning is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple type of sunscreen.

Get the most out of your outdoor space with a patio cover

Do you like to get really comfortable on your patio? That’s what patio covers are for. A patio cover is mounted against your façade and supported by poles. It does not only protect you from the sun, but also shelters you from wind and rain. What’s more, the Renson Lapure proves that patio covers can be both practical and very stylish.

The advantages of a patio cover

Whatever the weather, with a patio cover you can always enjoy your outdoor space. Not only is it resistant to winds with a speed of up to 100 km/h, it is also completely waterproof. The water ducts even perform when the roof is half open. In a linked formation, the Lapure covers patios of up to 18 meters wide and 5 meters deep. A patio cover can even make your home warm up less quickly, saving you the cost of expensive air conditioning.

A patio cover with a custom-made roof

Did you know Renson offers patio covers completely made-to-measure? You decide which type of construction best suits your home and can even choose the color of the fabric. Renson patio covers can suit any style: they make fine additions to modern homes, while the Classic Line editions look effortlessly beautiful teamed with traditional homes. In addition, each patio cover can be equipped with side structures, heating, lighting, speakers, ... you name it, enabling you to get the most out of your outdoor space anytime. So go ahead and organize that garden party, whatever the weather forecast says!

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The ideal outdoor kitchen for foodies and pleasure seekers

The ideal outdoor kitchen for foodies and pleasure seekers

Is your Instagram feed filled with tasty avocado salads and delicious quinoa muffins as far as the eye can see? Are you already looking forward to your next barbecue, even though it’s weeks from now? If only you had an outdoor kitchen … Then you could experience all of life’s little gourmet pleasures outdoors, but still in the comfort of your home!

Why install an outdoor kitchen?

We all love noshing on a nice meal in an exquisite setting, but going to restaurants all the time tends to be, well, rather expensive. The solution? Cooking outdoors and eating in the privacy of your garden. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook and barbecue whenever you want, in the company of your guests and with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Outdoor kitchens have long been trending in warm regions including Southern Europe and the southern part of the United States, but recently they’ve started to pop up in more northern regions as well. After all, contrary to what many people assume, it doesn’t have to be 28 degrees outside to enjoy an outdoor kitchen!

The ultimate ingredients for an outdoor kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen is, of course, not something you do overnight. If you want to make sure you’ll get plenty of use out of your patio/outdoor kitchen, these tips are worth a read:

    • Provide your outdoor kitchen with a roof or patio cover. Without a proper patio cover, there’s always a chance the weather will ruin your outdoor cooking plans, and your kitchen will quickly become dirty as well.
    • Make sure there’s plenty of seating under the patio cover. Come rain or shine, your (winter) barbecue will continue as planned!
    • Do you prefer cooking in the shade? The decision is entirely yours if you opt for a louvered canopy.
    • You’ll be needing two types of outdoor lighting: task lighting above your work area and cosy ambient lighting above the dining table.
    • Finally, pay close attention to your choice of patio flooring. Spills are inevitable when you’re cooking, so opt for stain-resistant outdoor tiles or easy-to-clean decking boards.

The flexible alternative to an outdoor kitchen

Is an outdoor kitchen not within your budget or infeasible for practical reasons? No worries. Even without an outdoor kitchen you can have plenty of fun cooking outdoors, no matter the weather. All you need to do is install a portable barbecue set, a side table and a dining table plus chairs under your patio cover. Bon appétit!

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How side structures upgrade your patio cover instantly

 upgrade your patio cover instantly

A patio cover transforms your patio into a cosy and comfortable outdoor living space. Side structures make up an integral part of the overall effect. Read all about the added value of side panels and walls, and everything you need to consider when designing your garden room.

Come rain or shine

If you want to enjoy your patio every season at any time of the day, a patio cover is a must-have. Covering your patio means creating an extra living space. A place where you can relax with a delicious cup of tea on a rainy day, and bask in the shade with a frosty glass of iced tea on the hot days of the year. The cover gives bright sun and rain no chance, while side panels or walls keep out the wind and cold.

Aesthetic upgrade

If your home and garden are your pride and joy, quality and design are on top of your agenda, especially when it comes to selecting and installing a patio cover. And, evidently, turning that patio cover into a real gem requires the right finishing touches. You could, for example, add elegant wooden side panels, glass side walls and sliding doors, a Fixscreen sun protection canopy, and more. These additional structures may seem like details, but they are so much more. They complement your patio cover and instantly create the feeling of a luxurious, comfortable outdoor space.

What’s more, they enable you to personalize your patio cover any way you like. Did you know Renson offers Loggia sliding panels in dozens of styles? Whether you want to give your patio cover a southern vibe or whether you’re after an industrial style, Renson’s Loggia panels offer endless possibilities.

Your patio cover made to measure

Do you have the look and feel of your patio cover and side structures all figured out? Don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with a Renson Ambassador. Our expert advisers will tell you what to consider and how to create the patio you’ve always dreamed of. You can count rely on Renson for:

  • Style advice
  • Tried-and-tested tips and tricks
  • A patio cover that matches both your wishes and budget
  • Expert installation with attention to detail

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Your terrace covering well maintained = Enjoy for many years

A terrace covering is outside day in, day out. Regular maintenance is therefore appropriate to remove dirt and grease residue and to keep the appearance of the paint. The special Renson maintenance set is ideal for efficient cleaning. The set of maintenance products ensures long-term preservation of the intense colour and protects the covering against various weather conditions. The maintenance set is available from all Renson Ambassadors.

Four steps for optimal cleaning:

1. In the case of a bladed roof, you first open the blades to remove leaves and/or loose dirt on the roof using a soft brush or a garden hose. Also remove any leaves or debris from the gutter.

2. Clean the aluminium parts with the Renson ‘Clean' cleaning agent, diluted in lukewarm water (you can find the correct dosage on the packaging) . Renson 'Clean' is a concentrated product with strong cleaning and degreasing properties. Thanks to the effective depth effect, you remove dust, precipitation residues, grease stains, moss and traces of insects. Soap the profiles thoroughly with a micro fibre cloth or soft sponge and allow to soak for a while. A Wood Design version (powder-coated aluminium with wood look) of a covering or sliding panel can also be cleaned with Renson 'Clean'.

3. Rinse everything well with clean cold water and then dry the covering with a lint-free cloth.

4. Once the covering is dry, rub the aluminium parts with Renson 'Protect'. This product puts a protective layer on the structure and provides extra protection against acid rain, sea air and UV rays. This protective layer also ensures that you can clean the parts with a minimum of Renson 'Clean' in the future.


Additional tips:

  • Never use a high pressure cleaner, corrosive products, an abrasive sponge or other abrasives.
  • Use a separate bucket with water to clean the cloth or sponge. In doing so, you will not soil the bucket with the Renson 'Clean' product unnecessarily.
  • Do not clean your covering in direct sunlight, so that soap residues do not dry and leave any stains.
  • You can also use Renson ‘Clean’ to clean cloths or screens (both glass fibre- as well as polyester fabrics)
  • Loggiawood sliding panels with cedar blades do not require specific maintenance. To prevent the natural aging, you can choose to treat the wood with some nourishing oil.

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Spring cleaning your garden in no time? Easy-breezy!

spring cleaning garden

Spring is in the air! But don’t start sunbathing just yet. Is your garden ready for the new season? If not, this checklist will help you get the spring cleaning in your garden done in no time.

Spring cleaning the garden: the usual suspects

Now that spring’s in town again, we can finally leave those winter blues behind us. The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and nature is coming back to life. Lovely, isn’t it? But, of course, spring is also that time of year to get your garden back into shape. So, let’s get to work, shall we?

Spring is the ideal time for trimming bushes and hedges. All summer-blooming shrubs are best pruned in spring, after frost has passed. Plants that bloom in autumn, such as roses and lavender, also do better when trimmed once spring has come around. Don’t forget to prune the dead branches from your hydrangeas, too.

Another recurring task in spring is fertilizing your plants to give them a little extra boost. If possible, opt for organic fertilizer. All plants can do with some fertilizing in spring, but remember that some of your plants will need some extra nutrients later in the year as well.

Properly spring cleaning a garden of course implies weeding. Some weeds shoot up as early as March, so it’s best to nip them in the bud before they start producing seeds.

Reviving your lawn after winter

Having endured the winter weather for months, your lawn is now in dire need of some tender love and care. Getting your lawn spring clean takes three steps: (1) dethatch the lawn, removing all moss so that the grass can breathe more easily, (2) re-sow bare patches, and (3) fertilize the lawn entirely.

spring cleaning garden

Spring cleaning the garden furniture

Now that your garden is all ready to bask in the glory of spring, it’s time to give your garden furniture a thorough spring cleaning as well. If you keep your garden furniture stored under a patio cover that shelters it from weather conditions, a good rinse will suffice. Spring is also the ideal time to give your patio cover a good cleaning. Read our tips to get your patio cover looking spick-and-span!

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