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Exactly how wind-resistant is a Renson patio cover?

wind-resistant patio cover

Having a patio cover attached to your home sure comes in handy when it rains or if you want to create some shade in the summer. But what will happen to it on windy days? Exactly how much wind can your Renson patio cover endure? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Are all patio covers wind-resistant?

A patio cover consists of an aluminum structure and a waterproof sun protection screen. How wind-resistant it is depends on the combination of both elements.

Renson’s elegant Lapure patio cover, without front beam and with an integrated Fixscreen roof, can resist gusts of up to 100 km/h when closed. That means that under normal circumstances – with the exception of heavy storms – there’s no reason to worry.

And it gets even better. Our Lagune patio cover with a fully rolled-out Fixscreen roof is even resistant to wind gusts of up to 120 km/h. That’s a 12 Beaufort hurricane! Needless to say, this patio cover can take a beating. And just in case it doesn’t, you’re covered by your Renson warranty. Good to know: each of our Fixscreens has a UV-resistant and waterproof coating.

Read more about choosing between a patio cover and a folding arm awning.

Tested and approved

At Renson, we continuously optimise our products to take their appearance and durability – as well as your comfort – to the highest level. To guarantee the wind resistance of our patio covers, we carry out wind tests and tests for general weather resistance. Our patio covers’ excellent performance has everything to do with Fixscreen technology, an ingenious zip system which makes the fabric windproof in every possible position. The seams equipped with symmetrical zippers on both sides ensure the entire screen is firmly contained in the zipper guides, so you can enjoy your sheltered spot on the terrace anytime you like, without worry.

Curious about our Lagune or Lapure patio cover?

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Here’s how to take your designer home and garden to a higher level!

garden design

Designing a modern home is child’s play these days. Creating a stunning designer home with a garden to match, however, is an art. It all starts with the following basic principles …

Modern yet warm

The time when designer interiors were defined by cool colour palettes and cold materials is long behind us. Today’s interior design trends are all about natural and durable materials like stone tiles and wood. Materials which not only last a lifetime, but also become more beautiful as they age. Why not, then, combine a sleek concrete floor with an extra-long table made of the finest wood? On a similar note, a louvered canopy like Renson’s Camargue enables you to effortlessly mix the warm look of wood with aluminium on your patio as well.

A garden design that plays with water and fire

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying your designer home and garden while surrounded with natural elements. Consider installing a minimalist built-in fire on your patio – pure luxury and a must-have for entertaining in the evenings. Or how about a lovely fire stove and an eye-catching water feature in the garden? Both key elements for creating that Zen feeling ...

Blur the boundaries between your designer home and garden

Blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors is all the rage right now. You can easily achieve the effect yourself by opting for tropical plants, by using the same stone tiles inside and outside, and by installing a minimalist patio cover. The cover creates a whole new space for you to relax in your garden no matter the weather, where you can share a drink with friends, sip your morning coffee, read a good book in the evening … all while enjoying a wonderful view of your garden.

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How about installing a sheltered gazebo in your garden?

instal windproof gazebo

There’s something incredibly romantic about gardens with a gazebo. It’s one of those things that have ‘relaxation’ written all over them, and you get to enjoy an amazing view of the garden to boot. Do you dream of installing a gazebo, but are you not sure you’ll get much use out of it? No worries. A sheltered gazebo can be just as practical as it is romantic.

Enjoying your garden to the fullest

A gazebo is the ideal space for sipping your morning cup of tea, chatting with friends in the evening, or simply enjoying a lovely view of your garden whenever you feel like it. The difference with a patio? A gazebo is always covered, and a freestanding structure. That means you can literally take a step back from your kitchen, your household, your PC, … and relax to the max amidst the greenery.

The benefits of a sheltered gazebo

A traditional gazebo is open on all sides. Which is great if your home is located in a tropical region, but less ideal if windy and rainy days are the rule rather than the exception. Fortunately, there’s always the option of a sheltered gazebo, which you can make entirely windproof. A sheltered gazebo allows you to spend plenty of time enjoying your garden even in the winter months or on windy autumn days without worrying you’ll get wet. And you can just leave your garden furniture, pillows, board games, … outside when you decide it’s time for bed. What’s more, you can even decorate your sheltered gazebo as an extra room. It can serve as reception area for guests, a playroom for the children, a hobby room for you or your partner, ...

Surprisingly modern

By the way, gazebos don’t necessarily have to look like they belong in an English garden and were picked out by Jane Austen herself. There are plenty of modern gazebos to choose from. Is it a sleek looking aluminum gazebo with glass side structures you’re after? Renson is your place to be.

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7 wonderful ideas for decorating your terrace this winter

decorate winter terrace

Winter is coming! Now is the time to pull out all the stops and make your home extra cosy – your terrace included. Looking for tips and inspiration? You can’t go wrong with the following ideas!

1. Hardy plants

Chances are you already have some plants on your terrace, but unless they’re hardy they won’t survive the winter. Take them inside and swap them for hardy plants to really make your winter terrace to life. Think winter heather, boxwood, delphinium, …

2. Fluffy cushions and blankets

Some fluffy cushions, a sheep skin and a couple of warm blankets are must-haves if you want to add a soft touch to your winter terrace. Don’t forget to store them away in a dry place when you’re done using them – unless you have a patio cover, of course.

3. Decorative lighting for your winter terrace

Nothing beats decorative lighting when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere on your terrace in the evenings. Hang up some lanterns, place scented candles on the table or have dimmable LED lighting incorporated in the roof of your patio cover.

4. Go crazy with the Christmas decorations

Don’t hesitate to use your Christmas decorations outside the living room. How about an outdoor Christmas tree, for example? Imagine how glorious it will look when it starts to snow! If you have a patio cover, you can even hold a Christmas or New Year's reception in the garden.

5. Gather ‘round the fire pit

An outdoor stove or fire pit is one of those investments you’ll never regret having made. Surprise your children this winter by letting them roast some marshmallows in the garden. I’ll make for wonderful memories, guaranteed.

6. One-of-a-kind wall decorations

Wall decorations are not just for indoors. This year, why not brighten up your home’s façade with a cheerful wooden moose head or a homemade silver sprayed Christmas wreath?

7. DIY with pine cones

Instantly evoking a winter atmosphere, pine cones are ideal for your decorative DIY projects. Spray them with gold paint and fill a glass vase with them or string them together to make your very own Christmas garland.

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A custom patio cover thanks to a modular system

custom patio cover

All Renson patio covers are modular. That means that you can easily extend the patio you like, turning it into an extra-large cover for your patio or swimming pool. The benefits are manifold!

1. A patio cover that suits your style perfectly

Are you all for cosy, rural outdoor spaces or do you prefer to impress your guests with a minimalist design? No matter your taste, Renson offers exactly what you’re looking for. The different styles and various colours of our patio covers enable you to effortlessly create the beautiful patio you’ve always dreamed of. Beautiful, and practical to boot. You can have our modular patio covers and canopies equipped with a louvered roof, a roof screen, a folding roof, … Just tell us which type of cover you prefer, and we make it happen.

2. Integrated, detached or mounted against the façade

There are several ways to install a patio cover. Many people opt to have it mounted against the façade of their home, but a detached patio or a patio that is integrated into an existing structure can be just as beautiful. Renson has a solution for every type of building!

3. Make your patio cover as large as you like

Have you been looking for that perfect cover for a while now, only to conclude nothing is ever large enough for your patio? That’s where our modular patio covers come in. As they can easily be connected to each other to become longer or wider, you can make them as big as you want.

4. A custom patio cover with all the finishing touches you want

Finally, a modular patio cover means you get to add all the finishing touches you want. Complete your patio cover with screens or glass sliding panels to get shelter from the wind, or translucent blades or outdoor curtains to keep the sun out. And why not add integrated heating, lighting and audio while you’re at it? The possibilities are endless.

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Winter is coming … so what about your garden furniture?

winter garden furniture

Whether your garden furniture is made of plastic or wood, prepping it for winter is crucial. With rain torrents, a glaring sun and heavy winds coming their way, winter is the ideal time to give your outdoor tables and chairs a thorough cleaning and store them away safely. These tips are must-reads!

Cleaning and storing your garden furniture away for winter

Do you keep your garden furniture outside all year round? Then it’s bound to become dirty and possibly even greenish. As you won’t be using your outdoor lounge set in winter, why not seize the opportunity to give it some maintenance? Something which you have to do at least once a year anyway, we might add. The best way to go about it? That depends on the material your chairs and tables are made of.

Hardwood garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture requires more care than plastic furniture, but getting the job done isn’t really all that hard if you know what you’re doing. In just four steps, you’ll have your garden furniture looking brand-new again.

1. Spray the furniture with wood cleaning detergent and let it soak for a bit.
2. Give the surface a good scrub, always going with the grain.
3. If the mood strikes you, give your furniture a lick of oil or wood renewer.
4. Finally, give the wood a light rub-down using a cloth.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic furniture is easy-peasy to maintain. Simply clean it with a bit of warm water mixed with a neutral all-purpose cleaner and you’re done. Be sure never to scrub down plastic chairs or tables if you want to avoid nasty scratches, though. Can’t seem to get rid of some stubborn stains? Then it’s off to the store to buy some special plastic cleaner.

Storing away garden furniture

Next up is storing your garden furniture in your garage, garden shed or cellar, or you can simply place it under your patio cover as long as it’s kept dry and out of the way.

Placing your garden furniture under your patio cover

Placed under a patio cover, your lounge set will last for years to come. What’s more, as the sun, wind and rain can’t get to it, you can get away with minimal maintenance. And the best of all? A patio cover allows you to spend precious time relaxing in your beautiful garden even in autumn and in winter. Fancy drinking your morning cup of coffee on the patio? Yes, please!

Do you dream of enjoying your garden under a patio cover in wintertime?

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Original ideas for turning your back garden into a paradise

back garden ideas

Are you a real outdoor person who can’t bear to be away from nature? Or perhaps you’re more of a cocooner, preferring to watch the birds and the wind playing with the leaves from the comfort of your cosy sofa? Whichever your personality, your back garden is the ultimate place to kick back and relax. So why not turn it into your own little paradise? We’ve got ideas aplenty!

Your back garden divided into different areas

Even if you’re not a neat freak in the garden, dividing your back garden into different areas is always a great idea. Consider creating:

  • A patio with a cosy seating area
  • A play area you can easily keep an eye on from your patio or kitchen
  • A wild garden area in the back
  • A vegetable patch at the side or near the kitchen

A wild back garden where all creatures feel right at home

A wild garden displays natural nonchalance at its best. It is always wonderful to watch, even if you can’t seem to find the time to maintain it.

Do you want to turn your back garden into a real play paradise for your children? Be sure to create a barefoot area and don’t forget to hang a swing from one of the trees. A wild garden, by the way, is not only delightful for children: it’s a haven for butterflies, bees, songbirds and all sorts of little critters looking for a comfy home. By installing a bee hotel or a dead hedge and by planting cleverly chosen flowers, you’ll soon find your wild garden literally buzzing with life!

Adding a garden room or covered patio

Does the mere thought of a boring lawn surrounded by grey garden screens give you the shivers? Do you dream of owning a wild garden which can easily serve as an additional living space for relaxing in the summer? Installing a covered patio is the key to success. Make sure you can (partially) close it off to stay sheltered and warm at all times. A (covered) patio in the back of the garden may not be the first thing to spring to mind, but it certainly is worth considering. You get to enjoy all the comfort of an indoor space, disconnecting from the daily hustle and bustle or having friends over for drinks, all the while admiring a great view of your garden and home. You can even turn it into a real garden room with all the works.

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Things to compare if you want to buy a louvered canopy

compare louvered canopies

You can use it as a lounge area for reading or admiring your garden, as a pool house for barbecuing with friends, or for having the nicest outdoor meals with your family ... Needless to say, louvered canopies offer endless possibilities – not to mention options for customization. Do you have your heart set on installing a louvered canopy, but are you not quite sure what to look for? Let’s compare the most important criteria!

How to compare louvered canopies

What material are the louvers made of?

The very first question you need to ask yourself before buying a louvered canopy is whether you prefer a wooden or an aluminum structure. The latter material is extremely light yet sturdy, and guarantees a beautiful and solid finish. Aluminum is also low-maintenance, resistant to UV radiation and available in numerous shades.

If you prefer things au naturel, wood is the more logical option for you. Please note, however, that it is not maintenance-free and can become dirty or turn greenish over time. Finally, wood is not water resistant and less durable than aluminum.

Having trouble deciding? You’ll be pleased to know that combining an aluminum canopy with wooden accents is perfectly possible thanks to Loggia panels.

How do you want to tilt the louvers?

We recommend selecting a canopy with orientable louvers, as it not only allows you to choose whether you want to bask in the sun or enjoy the shade, but also ensures you’ll always be dry and comfortable. And why not make it extra easy on yourself and opt for a remote control to operate the roof?

Will the louvers keep your patio dry when closed?

Make sure the canopy’s roof is resistant to heavy rains. The Renson Camargue, for instance, will keep you dry even if it rains 180 millimeters per hour for two minutes; the kind of rainfall so heavy that it only occurs once every fifteen years.

Renson also paid attention to the smaller details, enabling you to tilt the louvers to enjoy the first rays of sun immediately after a rainfall. The water will neatly flow away without wetting your patio.

A louvered canopy tailored to your preferences

Finally, Renson offers virtually endless personalisation possibilities. Have your pick from our freestanding or attached canopies and feel free to combine multiple patio covers. Be sure to browse our lighting and heating options as well.

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Get inspired! Tips, pointers and ideas for your pool house

pool house ideas

If you’re considering building a pool house, chances are you’re thinking of a closed structure to store your garden furniture and swimming gear. But just think of the endless possibilities you create for yourself by installing a louvered canopy near your pool instead! The biggest advantage of all? You get to control the amount of sunlight that shines through the roof. When it gets too hot, you can instantly close the louvers and have all the shade you need. Feeling a bit chilly? Simply tilt the louvers and enjoy the sunlight coming through. And how about organising a barbecue under the canopy after a lovely afternoon swim? We’ve got inspiration aplenty for you!

Looking for pool house ideas?

Just like swimming pools come in all styles – from sleek and modern to traditional and even romantic – so do pool houses. Evidently, you want yours to match on another seamlessly. That’s why a Renson louvered canopy can be completely personalised. No idea what to expect? Get inspired by our most recent creations!

A pool house for storage – or relaxation?

In the past, pool houses were mostly used as a storage and/or changing area, yet today there is so much more you can do with the space. A louvered canopy serving as a pool house can be an ideal lounge area, for instance, perfect for pool-side get-togethers, sunbathing or reading a book in the shade after your morning swim. Spend your time relaxing, having a meal with friends, chatting by the pool until the wee hours … and simply enjoy life!

What you need to know before building a pool house

Next to deciding on a style for your pool house, there are some other important factors to take into account before you start building:

  • Opt for quality materials that are weather-proof, i.e. will not rust or wear, and require little maintenance.
  • Whether traditional and romantic or sleek and modern, it goes without saying that the style of your pool house should match the design of your swimming pool. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture either: your home and your patio tiles deserve to shine as well.
  • Mind the orientation: you want to get as much direct sunlight (and as little wind) as possible, preferably without the neighbours looking in.
  • Make sure the canopy has a water-proof roof and comes with side panels that will protect you against the wind.
  • Consider adding some extras to take your pool house to a higher level, such as integrated heating, lighting or a sound system.

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A patio cover over your Jacuzzi: not just for rainy days!

patio jacuzzi cover

Luxury at its best: that’s a Jacuzzi for you! Soaking in the warm water is not only relaxing; it also benefits your health. For instance, did you know using a Jacuzzi reduces stress, improves your blood circulation and helps ease sore muscles? And if you place your Jacuzzi under a patio cover, you can enjoy it anytime – regardless of the weather. A smart move to get the most out of your hot tub, to say the least!

Hot tub romance in the rain

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this: relaxing in the Jacuzzi on a cold and drizzly winter day, just the two of you – or why not invite some friends over? The water is nice and warm, so who cares about a little rain? Yet once your nose starts turning red and the rain and wind become unbearable, you’ll wish you had a patio cover over your head so you could enjoy your moment of wellness without a care in the world.

Private, comfortable and cosy

Installing a patio cover over your Jacuzzi is not only a smart move to shelter yourself from the rain. Louvered or not, a patio cover makes you feel warmer while you’re soaking in the water (regardless of the weather). If you opt for a cover with side panels, you’re even protected from the wind. What’s more, a patio cover simply creates the ultimate, private Jaccuzzi experience. In short, relaxing in the hot tub has never been cosier.

What you need to know when purchasing a Jacuzzi patio cover

Considering investing in a Jacuzzi patio cover? Be sure to take these pointers into account:

  • Opt for durable materials, so you can enjoy your patio cover for years to come.
  • Good quality comes at a price.
  • Consider adding side panels.
  • A louvered canopy enables you to adjust the amount of sunlight as you please.
  • Some patio covers come with integrated heating.

Would you like to enjoy your jacuzzi with a patio cover?

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