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3 amazing advantages of aluminium patio covers

aluminium patio cover

Did you know most patio covers are made of aluminium? And rightly so, because aluminium patio covers are sturdy, maintenance-friendly, and come in a wide variety of styles. Not sure whether an aluminium patio cover is the best choice for you? Read on to discover all the advantages. Prepare to be amazed!

1.Resistant to all weather conditions 

Aluminium is a particularly sturdy material. So sturdy that a patio cover made of aluminium can handle some of the toughest weather conditions. The Algarve, for example, resists winds of up to 120 kilometres per hour, while the Camargue can handle gusts of up to 160 kilometres per hour with the louvres closed. That’s something, considering most storms only reach 100 kilometres per hour. Aluminium patio covers can even handle heavy torrents with the greatest of ease.   

2.Clean in a flash

Cleaning a Renson patio cover made of aluminium is a piece of cake. Four steps and you’re done!

1.Add a dash of Renson 'Clean' detergent to a bucket of lukewarm water.

2.Clean the profiles thoroughly with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth, and let them soak for a bit.

3.Rinse with cold water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

4.All dry? Treat the aluminium parts with Renson 'Protect' to make them extra weatherproof.

In just a few minutes, your patio cover is all clean and ready to be used again!

3.Your aluminium patio cover, your style!

Aluminium is a material that allows for endless variations, both in terms of colour and design. Renson even offers aluminium patio covers that look exactly like wood. Camargue Wooddesign has that warm natural look yet is easy to maintain because it is made of aluminium. You can even have your pick from all standard RAL colours and match the colour of your patio cover to the joinery! Browse our inspiration page to explore even more ideas.


Can’t wait to relax under your very own aluminium patio cover? 

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How to pick the perfect colour for your patio cover

patio cover colour

A patio cover can be – should be! – a real eye-catcher in the garden. So, naturally, you want your patio cover to suit the colour of your home perfectly. Not sure which colour is right for your patio cover? Take these tips to heart to pick the perfect colour in a flash! 

Choose a colour that matches the surroundings

Your home and garden are the starting point. Is your house painted a crisp white? Simply choose the same style for your patio cover. If your home looks rather rural, you can’t go wrong with soft beige or warm grey. Also take into account your garden and your style of garden furniture. Attached patio covers always look their best when they have the same RAL colour as the joinery, fitting seamlessly with the home. 

Still can’t decide? It’s bicolour to the rescue!

If you find it hard to stick to one colour – we know, the Renson colour palette is extensive – you might as well choose two! The bicolour option allows you to order the frame in one colour and the louvres in a whole different hue. How about combining a dark grey frame and light grey louvres? Or white louvres and a black frame? Mix, match and have your pick!

A hint of inspiration

Do you find all those different colours hard to imagine? Browse our inspiration page! It’s filled to the brim with stylish patio covers and side panels in all kinds of colours. For example, the Fixscreen vertical side panels made of glass fibre cloth are available in a broad colour palette and an array of different textures. You can even have them printed with a personal photograph. Talk about custom patio covers!

Still can’t decide? No worries. Our A Renson Ambassador in your area will be happy to help you pick out the perfect colour.

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Just how windproof can a patio cover be?

windproof patio cover

Do you sometimes worry about your patio cover getting damaged by storm or heavy rain? And then go check just to make sure it’s still there? There’s no need to if your patio cover is a Renson. All Renson patio covers are specially made to withstand violent storms. Read all about it here!

When a breeze turns into a storm

Storms start at wind force 9 on the Beaufort scale, with wind gusts reaching a mean speed between 75 and 88 kilometres per hour. A storm usually comes with heavy to very severe gusts of more than 100 kilometres per hour. It’s fairly extreme weather conditions like this you’ll never have to worry about if you’ve picked the right patio cover.

Who cares about a bit of heavy rain?

Renson patio roofs handle heavy torrents with the greatest of ease. The Camargue, for example, is designed to deal with rain showers of 144 millimetres per hour that last for at least seven minutes. Heavy rain like that occurs every two years on average.

The Algarve even resists torrents of up to 180 millimetres per hour, which only occur every ten years.

Is your patio cover windproof?

Heavy gusts of wind are no threat to a Renson patio cover. The Algarve can handle winds of up to 120 kilometres per hour, the Camargue gusts of up to 160 kilometres  per hour with the louvres closed. Discover how wind-resistant a Renson patio cover really is.

Renson: tested for quality

At Renson we continuously optimise our products for comfort and maximum durability. Our patio covers are always tested for weather resistance.

Do you want to play it safe by opting for a Renson patio cover?

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Dreaming of a custom patio cover? Explore your options!

custom patio cover ideas

If the garden of your dreams involves a custom patio cover, you have lots of decisions to make. There are, after all, numerous optional features and accessories to give your outdoor space that personal touch you’re looking for. How about adding an integrated sound system, for instance? Or elegant sliding panels? Continue reading to explore your options at a glance.

Get creative with colour

Do you have the colour of your patio cover all picked out? Fabulous! But what if we told you you can actually opt for a combination of two shades? If you have your heart set on a Renson patio cover, that is. The bicolor option allows you to order the structure in one colour and the louvres in another. Just imagine how amazingly modern a jet-black patio cover with crisp white louvres would look in your garden. Or why not soften things up with a combination of warm greys? The choice is yours!

Side panels for that cosy feeling

There’s nothing like a patio cover to take your garden to the next level. Add side panels and it even becomes an extension of your home. A cosy cocoon to enjoy your garden all year round, no matter the weather. It will be like having your very own convertible garden room …

Do you want to customise every inch of your patio cover? Renson has beautiful side panels aplenty. Combine the Algarve roof with Fixscreen sun protection or the Linius fixed wall, or have the Camargue upgraded with fully integrated side elements such as glass sliding panels or sliding panels with wooden louvres. However, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture: always keep the style of both your home and garden in mind.

A custom patio cover with a touch of luxury

Last but not least, there are plenty of innovative accessories to consider if you want to give your patio cover a luxurious finishing touch. Accessories like …

  • … integrated heating, so you can enjoy your patio even on the coldest of winter evenings.
  • … an integrated audio system, so you and your guest can party hardy with the click of a button!
  • LED lighting, because no luxurious patio cover can do without.
  • … a rain sensor, so the louvres close automatically at the slightest hint of rain.

Can’t wait to start window-shopping for your custom patio cover?

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Make everyone fall in love with your outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your patio is the perfect means to bring the indoors outdoors (and vice versa). An outdoor fireplace instantly makes your patio look and feel extra warm and cosy – perfect for kicking back at the end of the work day.

Is that a fireplace in the garden?

Having a fireplace in the living room is nothing out of the ordinary, but an outdoor fireplace? Now that’s something else! Adding one to your patio is a sure way to take your garden area to a whole new level. An outdoor fireplace pulls all kind of natural elements together, creating a zen-like atmosphere. It makes your patio the perfect place to catch up with friends and family, and to finish – or start – your day in absolute peace.

An extra living room

All it takes to turn your patio cover into an extra living room is adding the right finishing touches. Panels that keep out the wind and rain enable you to relax outdoors in all comfort during the winter. And when summer comes around, all you have to do is simply slide the panels aside.

Why not upgrade your Camargue louvered canopy with:

Top things off with built-in LED lighting and an integrated audio system, and your patio cover becomes a luxurious garden room everyone will instantly fall in love with.

Get inspired

Can’t wait to feast your eyes on the amazing effect an outdoor fireplace can have on a garden room? Interior architect Kurt Demeulemeester is more than happy to show you. He opted for a Camargue louvered canopy which he upgraded with sturdy side panels and one very elegant fireplace. Watch the video.

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Maintenance tips: how to make your patio (cover) winter-proof

patio maintenance winter

The winter season can be rough on your patio. Below-zero temperatures don’t do your patio tiles any good, not to mention the detrimental effect winter rain can have on your patio furniture. If you want to be sure your patio will still look stunning when summer comes along, now is the time to make it winter-proof. Which, fortunately, doesn’t have to be difficult.

Maintain your patio throughout the year

Regularly cleaning your patio throughout the year saves you a lot of hassle at the start of the winter season. A monthly rinse works wonders! Be sure to include the following tasks on your to-do list:

Remove dirt and leaves from your patio before the tiles get slippery and algae start to form.

Sweep your patio before using cleaning detergent on the tiles or deck. Always read the instructions carefully.

Stain or varnish the deck regularly to keep it from weathering.

Give the patio tiles a thorough scrub

Cold and humidity can cause your patio to discolour and become overgrown with moss. In addition, the tiles can become dangerously slippery. But whatever you do, don’t use a pressure washer. Just stick to your brush and cleaning detergent instead. Simply give the tiles a thorough scrub and you’re all set.

Don’t forget about your patio cover

You’re on a roll! The next step is cleaning your patio cover. Patio covers tend to be real eyecatchers, so you have every reason to make yours shine. Regularly maintain your patio cover using the Renson Maintenance Kit to protect it against all weather conditions. The Renson Maintenance Kit removes dirt instantly without affecting the paint, so your patio’s colours will remain gorgeous.

Opt for a patio that requires little maintenance

Are you in the market for a new patio? Be sure to opt for durable materials that require as little maintenance as possible. Deck boards made of recycled plastic, for example, only need cleaning about once a year.

Dreaming of a patio that looks stylish all year round? Get inspired by Renson’s wide offer of unique patio covers.

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The secret to a Scandinavian-style patio cover is in the details

Scandinavian style patio cover

Scandinavian style is more popular than ever. And rightly so, because the typically sleek design and use of natural materials are perfect to give your home a fresh look without appearing cold. And did you know you can even incorporate that stunning Scandinavian style into your garden? All it takes is a patio cover with the following features …

Bathing in a sea of light

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by a light colour palette and a spacious look and feel. Two elements which can easily be reflected in your patio cover. For example, you may want to consider a white structure with side panels that let in plenty of light, like translucent curtains or glass sliding walls. The great thing about glass sliding walls is that they have no profiles. Because they look so minimalist, they are every inch the Scandinavian style you’re after. What’s more, they provide an open view of your garden while still creating a cosy atmosphere. Not that you absolutely need side panels, though. A Lapure patio cover without side panels brings in plenty of light while still protecting you from the sun.

Made of natural materials

Natural materials such as wood are indispensable to Scandinavian design. Unfortunately, though, they tend to require a fair share of maintenance and are not always as sustainable as can be. Enter the Renson Camargue, Skye and Algarve; louvred canopies available with Wooddesign finishing. The Wooddesign louvres look exactly like real wood but are in fact made of aluminum, so your ‘wooden’ patio cover will never look worn down. You can even have your pick from three lovely wood prints: white oak, natural oak and walnut.

A Scandinavian style patio cover

Finally, Scandinavian style calls for sleek lines which you’ll find reflected in each Renson patio cover. You can even emphasize the sleekness of the design by adding horizontal Loggia sliding panels, creating a sliding door or sliding wall that looks simple yet elegant. You can also ‘fill in’ the aluminum frame with various materials, such as aluminum louvres or louvres made of WRCedar wood.

Curious to discover the many different patio cover styles Renson has to offer?

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What you need to know about the Linius slat wall

Linius slat wall

Extending your patio cover with a fixed side panel with slats is more than just a great means for hiding an unattractive backdrop. Slat walls used as patio cover extensions also make your home more lovely and practical. Let’s zoom in.

Completing the picture

If you want to finish your garden or patio to perfection, installing a slat wall does the trick. It’s ideal for covering walls that aren’t well-built or have been worn down by harsh weather. A stylish Linius slat wall, for example, serves as a physical boundary as well as a decorative finish, offering all the peace and quiet you need on your patio.

The practical benefits of a slat wall

A slat wall not only makes your patio look sophisticated, but also brings a number of practical benefits to the table:

  • It protects you from the wind. Thanks to your slat wall, you can comfortably bask in the sun – even on those first day of spring.
  • Privacy. A slat wall gives nosy neighbours no chance to sneak a peek of your garden or patio.
  • Acoustic insulation. A slat wall keeps out the noise coming from railways or highways, even if you live near one.

The Linius slat wall: you get to pick the structure

The Linius slat wall comes in different styles (Algarve, Camargue or Skye). You can opt for a single-sided or double-sided wall on eye level or have the wall extended to the height you prefer, finished with a top profile to create a balustrade. The latter solution is perfect if you’re looking to add character to your partio or balcony without blocking the view. If you want, you can also have sound insulation added to the double-sided wall.

Can’t wait to see what you can do with your very own patio cover?

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The key to a healthy life? Lots of daylight and fresh air


A lack of daylight and fresh air not only puts you in a bad mood, it’s also detrimental to your health. If you spend most of your days at home or at the office, you have every reason to try and get out as much as possible. Not just in the summer, but throughout the year.

Why daylight is so important

Daylight is what tells our body to get going. It increases our concentration and even helps us to burn fat. During winter, however, the days shorten and the amount of daylight lessens. As a result, winter depression is a common mental health problem. Artificial lighting, after all, does not have the same effect as natural light. Do you feel a bit drowsy behind your desk at times? Now you know why.

Fresh air does wonders for your health

The less you come into contact with the fresh air, the higher your risk of health problems. Because houses these days are so well insulated, ventilation is more important than ever. Without proper ventilation, it’s only a matter of time before mould and other moisture problems start to occur and cause allergies or even asthma. In other words, be sure to ventilate your home sufficiently and spend as much time outside as you can. The oxygen will do your body good, helping it to detox more efficiently.

Enjoy the outdoors in your garden room

The advantages of spending time outdoors are not to be underestimated. But while taking walks in the park or enjoying your garden is easy enough in summer, getting enough sunlight and fresh air is less pleasant during the cold winter months. Unless you have a garden room, that is, which allows you to comfortably spend all the time you want in your garden. The wind and rain won’t get to you, and if you install a patio heater and side panels it becomes even warmer and cosier.

Can’t wait to enjoy your very own garden room?

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Healthy living is a choice! Here’s how to make it work

healthy living

Healthy living involves more than healthy eating. It’s a balanced lifestyle that revolves around a stable state of mind – and enjoying the results it brings to your private relationships and professional life. Here’s how to make it work!

Enjoy the sun

Sunlight gets us in a good mood. Boosting the production of endorphins or ‘happy hormones’, vitamin D has a great influence on our hormone system and reduces the chances of winter depression. And there’s more. Natural light also does wonders for the skin and the immune system, so be sure to spend plenty of time enjoying the fresh air outside. Don’t hesitate to relax under your patio cover, though. Too much direct sunlight can be harmful.

Plan your me time

If you’re always busy, busy, busy, planning your me time well in advance is a must. Make the most of it by kicking back at the spa, having a relaxing stroll in the woods or simply enjoying a book with a delicious cuppa in your hand. The ideal place to unwind? Why, your own garden, of course! Sometimes all you need to clear your head is a fresh breeze and the sound of birds chirping …

Exercise as much as you can

Living healthily and working out go hand in hand. Good for both body and mind, exercising gives you more energy, makes you less prone to illness and reduces the risk of joint pains. Exercising together makes it all the more fun, so drum up your friends for a bike ride or a trip to the pool and have a great time!

Healthy living in healthy surroundings

Your surroundings, too, directly affect your health. So, take care of the environment and try to save energy whenever possible. When summer comes around, why not go to work by bike instead of taking the car? Nature (and your body) will thank you!

Dreaming of your own little Zen spot in the garden?

Let these clever ideas inspire you!