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One to impress with: grilled côte à l’os with anchovy butter

Summer is here, the sun is out. And then you hear the call of the barbecue. You can entertain your guests in style with this recipe. A grilled côte à l’os (T-bone steak) is a summer classic, and will certainly appeal. The anchovy butter, packed full with umami, gives it a surprising twist.

Gilles Draps went to work for Renson in the Renson Concept Home, and conjured up delicious summer-proof dishes onto the table, including this côte à l’os, grilled new potatoes and a fresh herb salad. Incidentally, did you know that you can simply roll your barbecue on wheels under your Camargue Skye patio canopy? Very handy in case of an unexpected summer shower.

Ready to get started yourself? This is how you make the delicious côte à l’os with anchovy butter from Gilles Draps for 8 people.



Ingredients for 8 persons

· A côte à l’os (T-bone steak) of 2 to 2.5 kg

· 200 g farm butter

· 16 anchovies

· 5 cloves of garlic

· Fresh oregano and thyme

· Pepper and salt


The côte à l’os

1. Bring the barbecue up to temperature. No flames, just glowing embers.

2. Season the meat well beforehand with pepper and salt. A piece of good quality meat does not need extra oil; it can simply be placed on the grill. The naturally fatter pieces in the meat will ensure that fat is released and provide extra flavour.

3. Place the meat about 5 to 7 cm from the coals and allow it to grill for 10 to 11 minutes on each side for a medium-rare finish. Place the grill a little further away from the coals when you reach about 2/3rds of the cooking time. Can you close the lid on your barbecue? Then you don't need to place the grill higher. You can simply close the lid. The meat will then also cook more from the inside.

4.  Let the meat rest for about 10 minutes.

TIP: are you unsure about how long to grill it? Cut the bone from the meat. In this way, you get a cross-section of your piece. Still not entirely to taste? Just put it back on the grill. Serve with the bone for the ultimate show-stopping effect.



The anchovy butter

1. Let the butter soften at room temperature.

2. Finely chop the anchovies with a kitchen knife, or blend in a mixer, together with the garlic cloves and fresh herbs.

3. Mix all ingredients to a uniform mass.

4. Let the flavours interact and allow the butter to stiffen again in the fridge.

5. Serve together with the roast potatoes and a fresh salad. Simple, but oh so delicious!

Watch the full video from Gilles here.

Renson invited three influencers to the Renson Concept Home to introduce them to the Renson Outdoor experience: Gilles Draps, Inge Moerenhout and Steffi Vertriest. Interested in the other articles? Click here for more outdoor living inspiration

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Four simple yoga exercises for deep relaxation

In an age in which time has become the new luxury, moments of relaxation sometimes only arise rarely. The following four simple yoga exercises bring both beginners and advanced practitioners back to the here and now.

Roll out your yoga mat and take a few minutes to become aware of your own body and your surroundings. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you feel in your body? Are there blockages anywhere that you can deal with through extra consciousness?
  • What can you hear? Can you recognise the sounds and acknowledge them? By hearing the sounds, but actively deciding not to listen to them, you give your brain time to relax.
  • How is your breathing?

The following classical yoga exercises are easy to remember and are ideal for performing at home. Go outside and practice your yoga moment under your patio roof. The wind that blows softly through the side slats and the outdoor sounds will bring you to rest, even before you start.

1. Forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Start from a sitting position with your legs stretched. As you breathe in, you stretch your backbone, and bend your upper body forward when you breathe out. Try to bring your navel as close to your knees as possible. Stiff hamstrings? You can always bend your knees slightly or allow some space between your legs. Hold the position for a few breaths. This posture brings peace to your head, is a gentle massage for your organs and an intense stretch exercise for your backbone, shoulders and hamstrings.


2. Cat/cow pose (Bitilasana)

Place your hands on the mat below your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Your body thereby takes on the shape of a table. Lower your stomach to the mat when inhaling, so that your back becomes hollow and your gaze is upwards. Bring your stomach to your navel when you breathe out: your back thereby becomes round and you bring your chin to your chest. This exercise is great for stress relief, and relaxes all your back and neck muscles.

3. Childs’ pose (Balasana)

Start from the basic cat/cow position – the table – and bring your knees to the edge of the mat. Bring your big toes together and lower your bottom to your heels. Extend your arms as far forward as you can. This pose gently flexes the muscles of your lower back while relaxing your hips, thighs and ankles.



4. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

A position that is found in almost every yoga routine, and that often ends a session, is the corpse pose. Lie down flat on your back and focus your attention on your breathing. Run through every little part of your body in your mind. Start with your little toe of your left foot, and work your way all the way up. After 5 to 10 minutes in the corpse pose, every muscle in your body is relaxed.


Steffi Vertriest, one of the best-known Belgian yoginis, was invited to the Renson Concept House to follow her own yoga flow. You can find the video here.


Renson invited three influencers to the Renson Concept Home to introduce them to the Renson Outdoor experience: Gilles Draps, Inge Moerenhout and Steffi Vertriest. Interested in the other articles? Click here for more outdoor living inspiration.

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Optimal outdoor comfort for every rooftop terrace or penthouse

Patio cover on a rooftop terrace

A terrace covering is not only perfect for large gardens or immense terraces next to a swimming pool; they’ve also proven their added value on a rooftop terrace or built onto a penthouse. A pergola allows you to create an additional outdoor room, which you can enjoy all year long, in a limited amount of space. If you want to install a pergola at great height, you have to take some important aspects into consideration. We summarised the most important ones below.

The wind-resistance and durability of terrace coverings are of critical importance for rooftop terraces and penthouses; after all, at that height, these are subjected to strong winds and other weather conditions than those at ground level. That’s why Renson took its terrace coverings to Florida’s most hurricane-sensitive coastal areas, where the Camargue withstood every test with flying colours and obtained the ‘Miami Dade’ certificate. Concretely, this means that the patio covers of Renson can handle wind gusts of 320 km/h. The reinforced mounting bases also help increasing the wind-resistance for terrace coverings which are installed higher as usual.

Windproof screens are an especially interesting option for the sides of a rooftop terrace to offer protection under your terrace covering from the wind that often rages at those heights. Thanks to a wind-resistance of up to 60 km/hr, the Renson screens are more than suited for use high atop a building. An optional wind sensor closes the roof blades and pulls back the screens to prevent them from damage when the wind blows strongly.

The Algarve, Camargue, and Camargue Skye terrace coverings with adjustable (and even sliding, in the case of the Skye) bladed roofs are suitable for these uses, as are the Renson terrace coverings with screen roofs (Lapure).

All of the listed terrace coverings can also be paired perfectly with one another to enclose an entire terrace. Plus, since they can be customised, they work great in any project.

Thanks to the new Algarve Canvas, a part of a rooftop terrace can even be covered by a fixed roof while the other part is covered by a bladed roof.

You can carry the consistent look & feel of the apartment (colour of the cabinetry) through to the terrace thanks to the fact that the terrace coverings are available in every RAL colour.

Numerous options, such as a heat & sound beam, sliding glass panels, screens, LED lighting, glass blades in the roof, etc., mean that you can use the terrace covering to create a luxurious outdoor space with every comfort in it.

Without a doubt, it was that magnificent view that won you over when you bought your apartment or penthouse. With a Renson patio cover you can now enjoy it even more.

Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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That’s why a town garden with patio cover is pure luxury

town garden with patio cover

Nicer than your neighbour’s? You bet. Because you consider your small garden to be an additional outside room. One that you want to use in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. An outside room that is fully dedicated to enjoyment and experiencing. A town garden in which smart investments are made.

5 smart investments that can give your small town garden a luxurious upgrade

1. 4 seasons of eye-catchers

You don’t have that much space in your garden, so be picky about the plants you use when designing it. Make sure they are ‘interesting’ throughout the year. Leaves that change colour in the autumn, flowering trees, fruits on the fig tree, an olive tree that remains stylish in all kinds of weather ... Green structures, tree trunks, branches and ornamental grasses always create atmosphere, even during the winter period. And fresh bulbous plants, which flower early, bringing life to your garden when the spring approaches. If you plant your greens smartly and in a well-thought-out way, you will have additional privacy in your own little paradise.

2. Art in the garden

Art in your home, art in your garden. Your town garden doesn’t need to be a park, if you want to put your own stamp on it through art. A work in stone, metal, wood, plexi, marble … abstract or very realistic: beauty is in the eye of its beholder. One thing is certain; the green canvas of your garden will ensure a beautiful setting in any case. What’s more, the constant interaction of weather, season, the colour nuances in your garden, the differing play of light … all this makes that your piece of art sets the stage for the rest of your wonderful town garden.

3. Invest in a patio canopy

The best investment for your town garden, however, is your investment in a patio canopy made of light-transmitting fabric or a screen roof that is resistant to sun, water and wind. Even if you only have a large terrace and hardly any garden at all, you can opt for a terrace covering fixed to your house. No matter what the weather, a terrace heater will keep you nicely warm and sheltered. And the value of your town house will immediately shoot up. That’s double enjoyment, isn’t it? Inspiration?

4. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

If you do decide to invest in a patio canopy, go for one with slats. You tilt the canopy depending on the desired sunlight incidence, close the slats when it rains and, with some Renson models, such as the Camargue Skye, you can even open the slats all the way, so that you can see the open sky, the stars and the moon. Aperitifs under the starry sky…

5. Fire and flames

Integrate an outdoor fireplace in your town garden design. On summer evenings, the heat will take the midnight chill out of the air. During the intermediate seasons, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and seat yourself next to the fireplace with a large bowl of soup. The dancing flames bring additional magic in the winter.

Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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Snow on your patio cover? Don't worry about it!

snow on patio cover

You're looking out the window and see a beautiful white snow cover. Finally! It snowed. But then you're gripped by a sense of panic: is your patio cover strong enough to carry the weight of all that snow? Don't worry, a Renson cover can handle all weather conditions!

Snow-proof patio cover

When it snows, you want a strong patio cover that you can rely on. You don't ever want to have to worry about the weight of all that snow falling on your patio cover and you don't want to spend any time clearing snow off your roof either. Fortunately, the Camargue Line can bear up to 200 kilos of snow per square meter. Thanks to the smart, high-tech design you can sleep easy when it snows.

Incredibly strong elegance

The Camargue Skye is the most exclusive member of the Renson range and looks very refined. Behind this elegant exterior, however, hides incredibly strong technology. The double-walled louvre blades ensure that even the heaviest snow load does not pose a problem. In addition, you will therefore also enjoy optimum sound and heat insulation. The Camargue Skye also includes a patented S drive-technology: a synchronous drive on either side of the louvre blades. The cover will open and close smoothly, even in case of an asymmetrical weight distribution. In addition, this patio cover has a specially developed and patented gutter edge. It keeps the patio and patio furniture from getting wet when opening the louvre blades after a rain shower or melting snow.

Would you like more information on the Camargue Skye? Request our brochure!

Carefree Enjoyment

With this information in mind, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape. At Renson's, all models are tested for weather resistance, drainage, workload and wind resistance.

Do you too want to enjoy your patio cover without a worry in the world?

Then quick as you can go see a dealer near you!

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Protect your car in the winter with a sleek carport

carport winter

Do you associate carports with old-fashioned patio covers made of plexiglass? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong! Just have a look at the Algarve Canvas, a designer carport that keeps your vehicle sheltered from the harsh winter weather. Read on to learn all about this stylish not to mention high-quality carport.

The Algarve, but with a fixed roof

The Algarve Line includes both a patio cover and a carport. So, what’s the difference between the two, you ask? The Algarve patio cover features tiltable slats, while the carport (the Algarve Canvas) has a fixed roof. Evidently, you can use the Algarve Canvas as a patio cover as well, but please note that its roof cannot be opened.

A sturdy carport for the winter

The fixed roof of the Algarve Canvas consists of two layers: an upper roof made of a lacquered, profiled steel sheet with an anti-condensation coating, and an aesthetic lower roof finished with a stretched canvas that includes Renson’s patented and pioneering Fixscreen zipper technology. The canvas is tightly stretched in the structure (the girders are invisible) and comes in eight trendy colours. In short, if you’re looking for an aesthetic carport that does not compromise on quality and sturdiness, the Algarve Canvas has it all.

Pure harmony

One of Renson’s many stylish outdoor solutions, the Algarve Canvas is designed in such a way that you can easily match your carport to your patio cover. As a result, the elements of your home’s exterior come together in a harmonious whole. Did you know that you can even extend the Algarve Canvas to your front door using an optional connector piece that has the same look and feel? You can even link the Algarve and Algarve Canvas to each other, combining a fixed roof with a louvred canopy. Your home will become a sight for sore eyes, guaranteed!

Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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How much does a patio cover cost? 3 things to bear in mind

patio cover costs

Putting a price tag on a patio cover takes a little research. After all, Renson’s patio covers are always made-to-measure and come with a wide range of optional accessories and side panels. In this article, we’ll elaborate on the different factors that make up the final price. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect.

The cost of a patio cover depends on the type

First and foremost, how much a patio cover costs depends on the brand and type of cover you’re looking for. Do you prefer an inclined cover or a horizontal one? Or how about a louvred canopy with glass walls? Depending on your wishes, your patio cover will turn out slightly cheaper or more expensive.


Moreover, there are plenty of little (or not so little) extras to choose from to make your canopy meet all your special wishes. For example, Renson offers an intergrated audio system, heating, side elements, LED lighting, a rain and wind sensor, etc. How much you’ll eventually spend on accessories is, of course, up to you.

Maintenance costs

Regularly cleaning your patio cover to remove dirt and grease residues is recommended to preserve the appearance of both the roof and the paint. Not a fan of cleaning? Then you’re in luck! In contrast to wooden patio covers, Renson’s synthetic and aluminum structures hardly require any upkeep. Tip: use the Renson Maintenance Set once or twice a year for easy cleaning and optimal maintenance.

The Maintenance Set is available at all Renson dealerships.

Tip: mind the warranty

The better the quality of your patio cover, the longer you get to enjoy it. Renson offers no less than a five-year warranty for any or all defects that may occur during normal use and maintenance. In some cases, a fifteen-year warranty even applies to the colour fastness and gloss of the paint.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about our warranties!

Dreaming of having your own custom patio cover? Find a Renson Ambassador in your area

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How to choose between a horizontal or an inclined patio cover?

horizontal versus inclined patio cover

In the market for a patio cover? Great! Hang on for a second, though, because purchasing a patio cover is not something to do overnight. First of all, you have to decide whether to opt for a horizontal design or an inclined patio cover. Having trouble choosing? This article compares both types, enabling you to make a well-informed decision. 

Inclined patio covers

Picking between an inclined patio cover and a horizontal design is mostly a matter of personal taste. Keep in mind, however, that inclined patio covers must be mounted to a wall. That said, you can simply open up the entire roof whenever you’re in the mood for some sunbathing. If the sun gets too much or if it starts to train, you can close the Fixscreen roof just as easily without your patio furniture getting wet (thanks to the water ducts which are hidden in the structure). 

Even if your patio is rather large, you can still opt for an inclined patio cover easy-breezy. The Renson Lagune, for instance, is available in various sizes up to 12 meters wide and 6.2 meters deep. Like what you see? Be sure to have a look at the Lapure as well. Good to know: you can install up to three Lapures next to each other. That way your patio cover becomes a whopping 18 meters wide!

Or how about a sleek, horizontal design?

With its horizontal lines, the Algarve Canvas makes for an ideal carport. The fixed roof consists of two sturdy layers: an upper roof made of a lacquered, profiled steel sheet with an anti-condensation coating, and an aesthetic lower roof finished with a stretched canvas that includes zipper technology. Know that Renson also offers horizontal louvred canopies, which you can close to stay sheltered even during heavy storms. The patented slats are specially designed to divert rainwater to the sides of the structure, so you’ll never get wet when you open them again after a rain shower. 

Arguably the biggest advantage of a square design patio cover is that you don’t necessarily have to mount it to a wall. If a free-standing patio cover is what you really want, in other words, opting for a square design is your best choice. By the way, if you’re a fan of all things sleek and minimalist you will not be able to resist the Camargue Line either. You can even have it customised so that it suits your preferences perfectly. 


Curious to explore your options even further? Be sure to browse our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact a dealer in your area.

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You want your patio cover made to measure? You got it!

made-to-measure patio cover

At Renson, we make a point of creating patio covers according to the dimensions and colours our customers have in mind. However, we also believe that patio covers are only really made to measure if they are modular. That way they can easily be adapted to your family’s evolving needs and wishes. Sounds good? Read on to discover all about our customised patio covers. 

The roof over your head

When you’re in the market for a patio cover, the first question you need to ask yourself is which type of roof you’re after. Do you prefer a fixed roof or a screen roof? Or is a louvred canopy more your cup of tea? 

Location, location, location

Next up is deciding where you want your patio cover installed. While patio covers are often attached to people’s houses, note that you can also opt for a free-standing construction or have the patio cover integrated into the existing structure of your home.

Colour palette

Whether you want your patio cover to stand out or to match your exterior windows and doors, the choice is yours. Just explore our wide range of RAL colours and you’ll surely find something to your liking.

Music, maestro!

Did you know Renson patio covers come with accessories, too? If you’re a music lover, integrated speakers are a must-have. Do you wish to enjoy your patio in the evenings as well? Then be sure to check out our LED lighting system. Meanwhile, our vertical screens, sliding panels and exterior curtains can provide plenty of shade whenever the sun gets too bright during the day. Or how about a Heat & Sound beam? Thanks to this integrated heating system, you get to relax under your patio cover even on cold winter days. 

That little something extra

Hungry for more? No problem! Because your patio cover is modular, you can link it to another cover to create one extra-large roof. You can use this technique to easily extend your patio cover both in length and in width. Virtually anything’s possible. You can even combine a fixed roof with a louvred canopy!

Dreaming of having your own custom patio cover? Find a Renson Ambassador in your area

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Match your carport to your patio cover thanks to the Algarve Line

carport patio cover matching style

If you’re considering adding a carport and a patio cover to your dream home, having them match both each other and the style of your home is crucial if you don’t want your project to seem like an afterthought. Which is exactly why Renson created the Algarve Line! 

Algarve Line

Renson’s new Algarve Line comprises a patio cover and a carport, specially designed to match. What’s more, both structures can be customised to mimic the style of your home, making it look as if they’ve always been part of the architecture.

A patio cover to match any architectural style

The Algarve patio cover is a sight for sore eyes. Having no visible screws and giving off a light and airy vibe, the patio cover complements both modern and classic architectural styles perfectly. By having the elegant frame of the Algarve painted the same RAL colour as your exterior doors and windows, the patio cover makes for a seamless addition to your home. Did you know, by the way, that the roof of the Algarve features rotatable slats? That means you’ll always be able to control the amount of sunlight shining on your patio.  

Must-read: About to buy a patio cover? 3 things to bear in mind

Algarve Canvas: an elegant yet sturdy carport 

Just like the Algarve patio cover, the Algarve Canvas carport looks strikingly slim and is available in exactly the same range of RAL colours. The roof has no visible intermediate beams and therefore looks anything but heavy, but make no mistake: the aluminium structure is extremely sturdy and resistant to heavy storms. The Fixscreen canvas attached to the bottom is exceptionally strong and guaranteed to never tear, thanks to Renson's patented technology. It is available in eight different colours.

Would you like to admire Renson’s patio covers and carports with your own eyes?

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