Louvered canopies

  • The tilting louvres of the canopy make it possible to adjust the level of daylight on the patio
  • Create a covered outdoor area to enjoy all year round
  • Integrated channels ensure rainwater discharge
  • Complete enclosure with side elements and numerous other options for extra comfort
Spend more time outdoors with this louvered canopy. A timeless design and infinite options for personalisation....this louvered roof adapts to suit your home, patio and garden. Enjoy life in style.
Louvered Canopy - Camargue
A young and modern design ... you can place this louvered canopy wherever you like — on your patio, next to your swimming pool or in your garden.
Louvered Canopy - Algarve
A stylish and functional louvered roof to integrate in your architecture.
Louvered roof - Algarve Roof

Patio covers

  • Offer watertight but translucent screen fabric covering overhead
  • Retain a panoramic sky view when open
  • Are always mounted on a façade
  • Stronger than an articulated arm awning and more resistant to wind and rain
Ultimate luxury and wellness on your patio. Live outdoors in your stylish and comfortable space throughout the year. Have your patio cover completely open or closed ... You can change it with a single push of a button.
Patio Cover - Lagune
Minimalistic patio cover with a water-resistant sunprotection roof screen 
Patio Cover - Lapure

Folding roofs

  • Sleek, modular patio covers with folding roofs
  • Sliding folding roofs driven by patented technology
  • The water-repellent fabric protects against rain
  • Fully closable with various side elements
  • Ideal for catering applications, thanks to the possibility of large dimensions
A versatile terrace covering with foldable screen fabric roof and fully closable sides.
Terrace covering with folding roof - Toscane


  • Various accessories provide extra protection against sun, wind, rain or cold
  • Numerous options offer extra privacy and add a personal touch to your patio cover
  • Lighting, heating and audio options not only create atmosphere and appearance, but also provide warmth and comfort
About LED-lightning
Renson Maintenance Set
Renson Maintenance Set
About Windtight Screens - Fixscreen® - Additional protection with maintaining your view outside!
Windtight screens - Fixscreen
Renson Maintenance Set
Renson Maintenance Set
About Windtight Screens - Fixscreen® - Additional protection with maintaining your view outside!
Windtight screens - Fixscreen
Renson Maintenance Set
Renson Maintenance Set
About Comfort & Operation
Comfort – Operation
Renson Maintenance Set
Renson Maintenance Set
About Loggia® - Variation of look and atmosphere thanks to the Loggia® sliding panels!
Loggia sliding panels
About Heating and Audio
Heating and Audio
Triangle Toscane
TRIANGLE – LAGUNE®, LAPURE®, & TOSCANE®A Lagune, Lapure, and Toscane Side must be equipped with a Triangle to allow the integration of extension options. In this case, the patio cover is fitted with a vertical wall profile and an additional box. The triangle created between the box and side channel is filled with a glass fibre fabric of your own choosing.
Outdoor curtains
About our outdoor curtains
Outdoor curtains
About translucent blades - Lineo® Luce®
translucent blades - Lineo Luce
Linius wall
About our Linius wall
Linius wall
About Glass Sliding Panels - Enjoy, free of wind and rain! Applicable for Lagune® and Camargue®
Glass sliding panels
Renson Maintenance Set
Renson Maintenance Set